Work life balance?

Today was a stressful day in office. Being overall a time of stark transformations, these are not easy days for any of us in the team. The industry is going through changes, the economy is going up-down like a roller-coaster and the completion is heating up fast. Everybody is under immense pressure to stay afloat in this tough market. All this pressure and expectation has obviously transcended onto all employees too.

We have been asked to pull our socks up directly or indirectly work has doubled while salaries haven’t. A normally relaxed atmosphere has become high strung and tensed. People are wondering if they are next in the layoff lists, and hence are taking no chances at work, even if it means long hours and more stress. I am no exception.

I have been going to work earlier than normal and returning later. I have taken on additional responsibilities to make myself more useful. I have forgotten about fancy words like work-life balance altogether. 

But if you truly ask me, am I upset by this, the answer will be a resounding no. long back I made this choice that I wanted to live a full life. That I wanted to get deep into this one life that I had got as a gift. That I wanted to really ‘live’ and not just ‘be’ in my life. That I wanted to #UseYourAnd and make the maximum of my capabilities, opportunities and everything else. And how can that come easy?

The things that are important to me cannot really be listed here. They are things that really let me ‘experience’ life and every aspect of it. They let me deliver my best at work. They let me have a loving family. They let me explore a love for the arts and they let me savor everything else that life brings my way. And I wouldn’t trade this for any other thing.

No matter how challenging this has been, this has been rightly the path chosen by me and I will adhere to this path that has meant living my complete potential as a woman.

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