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Nina and I learn so much about indoor air!

My best friend Nina’s family is full of doctors. Of course do not tell her but I often wont wonder how did she turn out to be so daft, haha! No, but she is a sweetheart, and she is very artistic so now she practices interior designing with clients across the country! Okay, all the gushing aside, the great thing about being childhood friends with Nina has been that I have got the opportunity to learn about a lot of things that I would never have otherwise. Now incidentally, she is married (and has a kid!) and lives in Kolkata so I do not see her as often as I would like to, but whenever she is in Delhi again we make it a point to meet hell or high water. The other day I was invited to her baby boy’s first birthday and I met the wonderful family all over again. Here's my chilled out Ninu with the little prince:

It was a gorgeous evening with fun, laughter and nostalgia for me and Nina; and it was wonderful to see her with the baby essaying this new role so well. Proud of you Ninu! Af…

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