My ideal Valentine

Our lifestyle changes often. At various stages and ages, our needs, requirements and preferences keep changing. Of course they are closely aligned to what we are doing at that time, how we are thinking and what we are aspiring for. This is why it has become imperative to keep buying tools and devices that are up to date and compatible with your current lifestyle requirements.

And this is why smart companies like Asus keep reinventing themselves and coming out with latest versions of their already great products. I have been using the Asus eepeecee for a while now and fairly satisfied with its performance. But off late I find myself traveling a lot and this means that I have to literally have things that weight less than a feather. This includes my bag, clothes, accessories and even my gadgets. And this also means I need to add a sleek new phone to my gadget collection. For this Valentine season, I am surely going with the Asus zenfone as my next buy.

There are lots of reasons why I can experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone but these are my very own top 5:

Compact two-in-one
I can be agile and fully mobile with the zenfone. It is a great combination of a smartphone and tablet in one package and hence I get the best of both worlds!

Great on the pocket
At just 5299, it meets all my needs without burning a hole in my pocket! What can be a better Valentine? I can buy some more clothes with what I save ;)

Pixel Master camera
The zenfone comes with a great pixel master camera that will help me see what others can't. At that cost, this camera is just too good to miss.

Dual sim
My current phone doesn't give me a dual sim and I have been wanting that from my next.
This is another feature of the zenfone that's attracting me.

Great looks
I checked out many reviews and pictures and the Asus zenfone looks great. The phone is sleek and attractive. At this starting price, most other phones look plastic-like and unappealing.

ASUS guarantee
Based on my current experience I know that Asus is a great brand that I can count on. The service is great and the products are designed for excellence. I can buy any of their products with great confidence and a big smile on my face.

Look out for a product review here on my blog once I buy the Asus zenfone.You can check out this new product here and let me know what you think? This post is written for this activity. This video is also see how unconditional love can be experienced with the Zenfone :)


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