How I'll buy a new car with no fikar of dodgy brokers

Recently my friend went through a crazy experience while he went about the long and exhausting process of selling his car. It started out as something so harmless and simple that we were all deceived into believing it will b be a cakewalk. He told us one day over dinner that he is planning to let go of his beloved Maruti Swift finally and planning to get a sedan, model of which he was yet to finalize. We all raised a toast to that and began making plans of long drives in his swanky new mean machine to all nearby holiday spots, beaches and mountains. We even made him pay for the dinner in celebrations of his soon to become awesome driving and road life.

But the party ended there.

Over the next few days, he contacted many brokers who systematically set out to make his life miserable. They got him buyers that didn’t seem interested in his beloved Swift at all. They pointed out all mistakes possible with it and quoted prices that were ridiculously low. The brokers called him at odd hours and were non apologetic about it – if he didn’t answer, they scared him at the potential loss of sale. At the end of it, he was so stressed out that he sold the car to the next buyer that the broker suggested at a price that was easily 15% lesser than what he was expecting. On top of that, they charged him a 2.5% commission which brought his gain even lower.

So when I considered selling my old car and replacing it with something better, I decided that a broker was totally out of the question. I was placing my trust in nothing other than Quikr NXT.

With Quikr Nxt, I can immediately connect with a buyer through chat across Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature will transform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

What adds to its usefulness is that fact that I can keep my number totally private, as I can just make use of the chat function. No more fears of stalking and safety! The entire process can happen at my convenience since I will have the flexibility to chat with them rather than talking to them. I will totally in control of my buying and selling decisions. I will go in the same effortless way to buy my next dream car!

When I am trying to sell my old car or approaching sellers on Quikr NXT to buy a netter new car, I can archive my chats to later compare notes easily. I won’t have to remember everything and can rely on the computer’s sharp automatic memory. And lastly, but not least importantly, I can easily share photos at the click of a button. Using the easy share options available on the Quikr NXT chat, I can share photos of my old car with buyers who show genuine interst and who I shortlist. Similarly when I will use Quikr NXT to buy my next car, I will ask for the phots and take much better informed decisions. Thanks to Quikr NXT, no dealing with manipulative brokers for me!

 p.s. This post is a part of this campaign by Quikr NXT and Indiblogger


Micheal Miller said…
My most humiliating experience was getting completely taken by a dealership. They basically did a bait and switch with the price. Because my wife tells my father in law everything, he caught wind of the mess and went with the the dealership and told them to fix it. I felt stupid but got out of the contract and went elsewhere.

Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers
john cena said…
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