Life the live you want

Recently I read the interview of the global CEO of “Opportunities International”, Carly Fiorina. A remarkable woman, who was the first female CEO of a fortune company, HP, she said: “Women can live the life they want to”.

Reading this statement, I felt very inspired and motivated. Life is truly what we make of it. Two people living in the same circumstance can have drastically different views and opinions on life. They can perceive it to be utterly beautiful or utterly disappointing, enough to fill themselves with self-pity.

I feel this is all the more relevant in the case of women. They can either chose to live within the norms that the society has knowingly and unknowingly set for them over many centuries, or they can chose to be something nobody ever was. They can either create homes and stay content there in that tight square or they can go out there and stretch themselves to achieve things unimaginable. But one second, why can’t they do both?

Why do women have to choose from all the things they can do?
Why do the words ‘either’ ‘or’ play such an important role in their lives, and not the world ‘and’ ‘also’?

Well, I don’t know about your answers. I found my answer long back. I decided that I will not live the life of ‘either’ ‘or’. I will stand up and #UseYourAnd.

I will have a job that makes me happy every single day. I will pursue a passion that gives me a sense of fulfillment and a deep joy. I will enjoy my family life and try to give it my very best. And I will sleep each day with the conviction that I used every ‘and’ I could. There will be days when pangs of guilt at not giving one thing my complete attention will tug at my heart but I will not let it budge from my dream life. There will be days when regret, confusion, anxiety or hints of depression will dawn on me making me feel like I have made the wrong choice somewhere in life, but I will try with all my might to not let such intrusive thoughts derail me and take away my joie-de-vivre!

Today after many years of having tried to live that life, I can say with a bit of confidence that I may not have perfected the art of living my life to the fullest, doing every possible thing and donning every possible role; but I have made all efforts I can and will continue to do so. The ride has not been easy and I have lost confidence when things haven’t gone the way I planned or when I made the mistake of comparing myself with other women who have made conventional choices; but I have managed to stay afloat, make my own rules and live a life that I deeply proud of

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