What if life passed by you a second time?

I have a question for you. What would you do if you got a #SecondChance? Yes, think about all the things that you have been putting off for the future and stack them here in the comments. And then maybe you can take the next step towards actually doing them too. let me take the lead by listing my 3 things:


Learn salsa: I love dancing. I have learn kathak when I was a kid, but it stopped when board exams, tuitions and competitiveness took over. the abandon, the feeling of flying like a free bird and expressing everything I had inside me is long gone. Now that I sit here typing these words and remember what a joy it was each time I took to the dance floor, I can feel my hands and legs twitching already. I can’t wait to let my body free all over again. I can’t wait to enjoy the pure unadulterated joy of free dancing. Yes this is what I will do the moment I got a second chance!


Speak a new language: I was an arts student. I used to enjoy learning about history, culture and languages. I even learned a few languages as part of my school and college curriculum with the strong conviction that I will surely make use of these new tongues to explore new cultures, lives and experiences. But I don’t know where all of that I gone now. After being stuck in this corporate turmoil, no matter how good I may feel professionally, a part of me continues to feel incomplete. When given a second chance, I would like to pick up those language skills all over again and learn to converse in them. Then I would also like to visit those countries and speak to the natives like one of their very own!


Laugh much more, each moment! Yes, this may sound so simple. But when I started writing this post, I thought it will a huge list of skills to be learnt, hobbies to be pursued and tough missions to be accomplished. Surprisingly not. One thing which I haven’t been doing enough and which I really want to do as life is racing past me is laugh. I want to be more joyful every single day of my life. In fact no just each day, I want to be more joyful each moment of my life. Simple but so important, yes this is what I truly want.

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