Transitioning to the new

Rajesh’s father, Pratap Bakshi, was one of the last immigrants from Pakistan during the partition. He came to India with an ailing mother and a pregnant wife. The three found a small room in West Delhi, vacated supposedly by an absconding Muslim family. He started doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

After two months, one summary Delhi afternoon, Pratap’s wife had a miscarriage. There was no money to go to a doctor. Then one day in the venomous winter that very year, Pratap’s mother died, her frail old body not able to take the extreme cold. This time, Pratap did not even think of a doctor, knowing well that he could not afford one, with his laughable means. The next year, Pratap found a job as a salesman in a garment shop. Struggle having hardened his muscles and grief having numbed his feelings, Pratap learnt and grew fast. He had an excellent business sense and a sharp customer focus. The impact of the partition had also sharpened his mind.

Two years later, Pratap opened his own garment shop selling children and ladies’ clothes. Within five years, he bought five shops in prime localities of Delhi and a huge three-storied house behind one of the shops. The shops were all called Bakshi garments. With success flooding the Bakshi household, property was bought in almost all corners at the speed of light. Ten years after the death of the first child, Rajesh was born. The parents were too dumb-struck even to express their joy. Rajesh grew up watching his father and his deadly fighting spirit. 

There was so much to be learnt from him that Rajesh did not know where to start. Pratap woke up at six AM even at this age, had the most stringent routine for the rest of the day, starting from breakfast to the time he hit the bed at night. He was going to hit sixty this year but he was fit and agile. Rajesh himself was married now with children of his own but Pratap still was there like a sky above his head, the biggest positive impact on the whole family. Being the only child, Rajesh had had a blessed life.

Rajesh was going to be forty in two years. He wanted to expand his father’s business further. He had started planning various ways of enhancement and growth. Malls were coming up everywhere, along with online shopping threatening the Bakshi family business. They had to do something about it. Rajesh was savvy and studied all latest trends. He had been recently researching on ways to enter the online space and make the most of the potential and scope there. The family was expert and skilled in garments, and there was no reason why it could not be spread to a larger customer base.

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