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He looked at the watch. She was late again. This was the tenth time this week she had done this. Till when was he supposed to ignore everything she did, that hurt him, or went a step further – intended to hurt him?

He looked at the sky. It was partially cloudy. About half the sky was unobscured, but the other half danced with tiny bubbles of impending water. He loved a blue and sunny sky with no clouds or a normal sunset. He tried to remember when it was last that he had had the time to witness a sunset. She always wanted to walk when there was a sunset that he wanted to witness or a rain he wanted to soak in.

She always wanted to do the opposite of what he wanted.

He had often asked himself if this was intentional but how could it be. There was absolutely no reason for it to. One day when there was an agricultural fair in the town, he was very excited. Though he had moved away from his native village so many years ago, the memories of the farms, simple people and natural produce always stayed with him. He never realized the impact those childhood associations had on him, till he left his village. Now the way his heart beat softly at the thought of going close to those natural things, the impact was beginning to dawn on him. He planned for a week on all the events he will attend at the fair, things he will buy and souvenirs he will collect. He called her up and told her everything excitedly. She asked him what kind of things would be there at the fair. 
He told her all the he knew. How it would have all kinds of herbs, seeds, soils, manure, and other gardening needs. How they would sell fresh organic products. How they would even teach city dwellers how to garden in their backyards despite limitations of space. She asked him how he could grow anything in his little apartment. But before he could answer she asked him why would he want to waste his time on it when his focus should be on the promotion that he has been hoping for at work. She felt that this was what was going to impact their future together.

He told her that a great atmosphere at home will motivate him to work better at office too. She said that sounded too filmy. He was beginning to feel dejected but he tried for one last time. He said that if he has a little garden somehow then it will make him feel good every time he looked at it. It would bring him happiness and joy, and once he feels that he is in harmony with his surroundings, and with the world at large, then a lot of issues he is struggling with will go away. Then he waited for her response.

What seemed like an eternity passed. His heart was beginning to beat faster. And then she laughed. She said if he really hoped to marry her then he should be focusing on his job and not on his surroundings.

He slowly tore the plans he had made for the agriculture fair.

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