Best DJ in the world

Ajay has just moved into the building. He’s slim, dark and reasonably tall. He lives alone in a single room near the city bus stop. The room is very small and Spartan even for him who believes in minimalism. He has three T shorts, two shirts, two pairs of jeans and perhaps three pairs of underwear. He wants to look attractive but he knows he’s not. He relies on the fact that he is a DJ for any popularity he is hoping to get with the opposite sex. Music is something that runs in his veins, since he is from a family of musicians. Other than that, he dreams of being an extremely good quizzer, knowledgeable and some other things that he is yet to sort out in his head. The rest of the time he plays the ancient music system in his room and listens to music from the 70s, jazz, soft rock and country. Music was the friend that had stood with him since the time he remembered.

Ravi often looks at Ajay going in and out of the building. Ravi knows that he has a job somewhere in the middle of the town from the way his clothes are crumpled at the end of the day. But Ajay does not look like a very welcoming or friendly person for Ravi to ask what exactly he does. So Ravi just sits on his window at 8 AM and 8Pm which is the time for Ajay’s comings and goings. Since these are summer holidays, Ravi has a lot of time on his hands. He has already finished his homework, which basically involved lots of essays on topics like “My favorite food, “My pet” and “My mother. He has also finished erecting the school project on a thermacol platform. This one was about trying to recreate the school building on the basis of how the student saw it. Ravi made it like a maze of rooms, to show how confusing he thought it was. For a second standard student, to spend fifteen minutes to reach his classroom from the main gate each day just felt too stupid to Ravi.

In the evenings, Ravi played with the other boys in the area, Motu, Golu and Sanju. They played cricket or marbles or hide and seek, based on how they felt that day or how the weather was. Sometimes they just sat and examined the soil. At other times, they deliberated over the aliens. Ravi had to be back home before it was dark so he would be indoors by 7PM, ready for dinner. Then he was allowed to stay up for just an hour and forced to hit the bed by 9PM.

Since he had nothing to do in that one hour, he waited for Ajay and simultaneously tried to mix songs on an app that his mother downloaded on her phone. Ravi is sure he will grow up to be the biggest and best DJ in the world. One day he had heard Ajay talk on the phone in the staircase. He was talking about a party that he was going to DJ for in his office. So Ajay was into music too! That day Ravi had decided that he really liked Ajay. Now Ravi looked at him going and coming to office, and thought of ways to becomes Ajay’s best friend...

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