The waves of heartbreak

Neeta had recently joint a multinational IT company as a chartered accountant. Ramya worked in the same office. A smart and polished girl with great educational background, they had hit it off instantly. Within a week, they were having tea and lunch together. Ramya did have a lot of other friends but she seemed to enjoy Neeta’s company a lot.

One her part, Neeta was relieved to find a kindred soul like Ramya. Ramya's positivity also had a great impact on her. They shared a lot of interests, value and thoughts or opinions on matters of the world and life. By the end of three months, they had started hanging out over the weekends or visiting each other’s houses. Ramya lived with her family and her parents grew fond of Neeta too, whose own family lived in the native village.

Soon it was Diwali time and Ramya told Neeta about her holiday plans. Somehow it happened that Neeta ended up joining Ramya on her annual vacation this time, since Ramya’s mother was unwell and unable to travel and her father had stayed back to take care. When Ramya described the place and everything around it, Neeta had jumped at the idea. She was going through a rough patch in her personal life and this was just the break she was looking for. When she was breaking up with Rajiv, she did not know that it would impact her in this way. Now no matter how hard she tried, she saw his presence everywhere, she kept remembering his words, his quirks, things she loved or hated about him and everything else which she associated with him. The impact was such that she has almost forgotten what or who she was before she met him.

When they reached the resort on the outskirts of Goa, Neera’s heart took a leap. Ramya was coming there every year since her family had a time-share plan, but for Neeta this was stuff that dreams were made of. They reached in the evening, and as Ramya went around making sure that the room had everything they needed, Neeta just sat by the beach and stared at the sea the whole time.

Every wave that came her way, seemed to bring with it a set of new emotions and feelings. Rajeev and she had taken a vacation together once. They had gone to the hills. It had been a huge step for her, given the middle class upbringing and school of thought. But it had been a wonderful dreamy time. They held hands, walked together on the mall road, and shared stories over food. Six months after that he had told her that there was something about the relationship that was not working out for him. That was it. He did not give any explanations or reasons. At first she was numb with shock and did not even know how to react. She had kept quiet for an hour as he sat there uncomfortable and then when he asked if he could leave, she had cried for an hour. Then when he got up to leave, she started screaming and asking him questions. Do you know how I feel? Do you know the impact of this in my life? He just looked at her and said he had no answers. That’s it.

As her eyes began to get moist again, Ramya came up from behind. She said the rooms were all set with warm baths and clean blankets. The food was ready and the next day they were going on a boat to an island two hours away from the resort. Suddenly Neeta felt as if she was like a little morsel in the cosmos, as if her pain was just part of something much larger, as if this beautiful soul sitting around her was meant to share these moments with her, as if mourning over a personal loss for so long was doing injustice to everything else that was so beautiful and perfect…

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