The footprints of goodness

I ordered breakfast at my regular joint. The cashier gave me a big smile. His regular smile that made my morning bright and positive. I took my regular seat by the side of the window. He was busy at work. There were lots of customers. His name was Babu. He had started this little café by my road around two years ago. It had taken a while for it to pick up but once it did there was no looking back. People came for the nice honest food. There was the lovely filter coffee, hearty idlis, healthy sandwiches and filling parathas. He pretty had everything that you could possible want in the morning.

At times the business was so busy that he had to help the cook too. so he would double as the cook and the casher. When I asked him how he managed, he said that his actual passion was cooking but he had to start the restaurant because he could not find any other way to share his passion with people. He also told me that the navigation through the complicated food industry had not been easy. At times sorting the taxes, rules, bills and bribes he got so disheartened that he almost gave up. Then he realized that he had not started the café for this navigation through the bureaucracy but his love for food. Thankfully in those moments his belief would come back and he would cook something nice again which would bring a smile to a customer’s face. This conversation had happened by chance on one day when I was stuck in his café because of a torrential rain storm. It was so bad I could even go home though it was so close by. But I was glad because it got me the chance to talk to Babu!

His shy reserved demeanor has not facilitated any conversation between us besides breakfast order and resulting courtesies, for the three years that I have known him. Yet, for him I have often felt a silent draw, an indescribable pull. This is not the pull that you feel towards someone who sends your heart beat racing, your pupils dancing and your hormones blazing. He is not someone who stars in your dreams, touches you in innocent moments leaving you panting for more or who haunts your thoughts and decisions without much of your control and governs your actions often making you feel like a fool in disguise.

He was someone for whom I felt completely different emotions, a completely different pull. This was the pull that bonds you with people you find endearing in a pure way. People you would choose to get close to because of the warmth and genuineness they emanate. Because they tell you that there are good people around who are making the world a good place to stay continuously through their footprints, their traces and their shadows.

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