The magical land

Peppy got up and dusted his trousers. He did not realize that the fall from earth will take so long. He had jumped when it was bright and sunny, and now it was almost beginning to get dark. He needed to look for a place to rest quickly. Soon it would be dark and in a new place, it could be challenging to face what lay ahead. He could investigate that conspiracy theory on a land of chocolates, candies and cool drinks tomorrow.

So our protagonist Peppy is an eight year old boy from Lopoloa public school somewhere on earth. One day when he was walking to school, he heard a hush hush conversation happening behind a wall. He was too intrigued to let it go so he decided to overhear. It was two girls who sounds fairly young, may be his own age, but he could not be sure. They were talking about land, somewhere at a lower level than earth where chocolates grew on trees, candies fell from the sky and cool drinks flowed from taps. 

Peppy could not concentrate on anything that day in school. When the class teacher announced his name, his friend had to shake him. When the bell rang for lunch break he sat there dazed till his friend shook him again. While coming back home, he tried to stand next to the wall for a long time but couldn’t hear anything. Next day, nothing. Next week, nothing.

When Peppy was just going to almost forget that incident, it happened again. Hush hush whispers. This time the girls were talking of the location of this magical place. Peppy was super excited. One had to go to the nearby playground, walk till the very end and then jump off its edge. Peppy wondered if he had ever noticed what was beyond the edge, but surprisingly he hadn’t. he smiled and clapped his hands! Suddenly the whispers stopped! Peppy immediately straightened up, picked his bag and ran home.

That night he made the entire plan. He was going to leave for magical land the very next day. He quietly packed a small bag with one pair of clothes, his favorite sneakers, his hat, glasses, two apples, one juice pack, one book, two pens and a little toy gun for his personal safety. He knew that he could not tell his parents because they would not allow him to leave. But he was sur that they knew where he had gone, they would not be upset or worried. Peppy looked at his sleeping parents and mentally gave the hugs. 

Now here he was, in the magical land, after having skipped school and jumped right into it. He looked around. So far there were no signs of chocolates, candies of drinks. All of it had to be somewhere around here. He was very confident. But first he had to find a place to sleep for tonight. He walked ahead happily. This was going to be an exciting period in his life!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


Ananya Kiran said…
Beautiful Post..
Well Written !

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Canary said…
Really glad you enjoyed!! :)

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