A little social experiment

He twisted his face and smirked. The tall building towered over him as if it challenged his existence. He looked around him. Creatures looking like him walked steadily, crisscrossing each other, entering and exiting by lanes, sneezing and coughing, whispering into chords hanging out of hand phones, headed to familiar banal destinations for familiar banal objectives. Andre smiled again.

Andre started walking towards the mall. Paula waited there at the entrance. They exchanged expressionless knowing greetings and headed inside. The mall was a huge towering building. It had been built recently when the city suddenly expanded to accommodate new companies, tourists and people with lots of money. It had large branded stores stacked with clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics and other stuff that made large cities go round. Beautiful shops dressed like brides welcomed visitors playing wonderful peppy music to lure shoppers.

There were gaming arcades and bowling arenas again replete with peppy music that immediately caught attention and attracted you inside. Andre felt tempted to check one of them but he knew he was on a mission. He did not have any time to waste. He looked at Paula. She was equally determined and focused. They quickly entered the supermarket with its huge aisles and barrage of products on offer.

Within ten minutes they were out with packets of processed food and beverages. They hailed a cab and got inside. The cab driver looked at them suspiciously. They both looked out of place, in their business suits, holding grocery bags. They were not smiling or emoting. He raised his eyebrows. Paula handed him a small piece of paper. He checked it out. It was the address of one of the swankiest parts of the town. These were must be people loaded with money and they will really tip him well. He was happy now. He started driving.

The traffic was not at its peak since it was almost noon time. Andre looked outside the windows. He got to step outside the building so rarely that everything seemed exciting to him. He wondered when was the last he had stepped out. Each of the scientists in his department got the grocery duty only once a year and the rest of the time they had any time to do anything forget go to malls. This project was so big that each of them had forgotten that they had a life outside.

But the good times had just begun. The first prototypes were out and seemed to be satisfactory. He looked at Paula proudly. She sat there, looking totally human, though she needed to show some form of emotions at least! He will make some recommendations to the head scientist today itself about the modifications in the robots' design. But he still felt so proud that their experiment at taking the robot out for a walk, during the monthly grocery trip had been so successful. Nobody, at the mall, at the store, on the roads, anywhere had suspected Paula was not human. Plus, he had bought favorite foods of all the other colleagues and they will all be super happy with him. They all deserved the best after all that hard work.

Andre relaxed in his seat and decided to take a power nap.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.
image from pixabay


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