A stream of thoughts

The office colleagues had decided to picnic in the open clearing they had found but Shreya had wanted to go and look at the stream. The owner of the farm had mentioned about the beauty of this unsullied stream with its fresh water and lyrical sound, and since then Shreya had been wanting to see it. She told the others that she would be back soon. Everybody was so tired and hungry that even if they wanted to join her, they could not. They decided to fill up their stomachs and rest their tired feet, and then decided the next course of action after a brief nap. 

“At least eat something.” Her best friend in office, Lopa, said.

“Okay fine, just give me that hotdog. I will eat it on the way to the stream.

“Fine. But drink some of this apple juice.” Lopa insisted and it was a good suggestion that Shreya later felt thankful for.

As she approached the stream, closet and closer, the tinkling music of the water became more distinct and she felt happiness growing on her like a vine. The air was so fresh that it instantly cleared her mind. There were birds chirping, a slight breeze and the earth was soft under her feet. 

Soon she saw the stream and halted in her step. The sight of the stream emerging out of unsullied rocks was miraculous. She paused for a second and then charged down the slope towards the bank. Getting her feet wet in the pristine water, having the little fish feed on the dead skin on her feet, slipping on the moss collected on the round pebbles and rocks, splashing the water droplets down her tired body, filling her palms with shells and moist sand; opened every closed outlet in her body, aroused every sleeping sense with their soft music, awoke every dormant limb, released every melancholic thought into the fresh air around her. 

The miracle of nature was all around her. From time immemorial, nature had kept the cycle of life running for all its children and now Shreya felt like the most special and treasured one. She breathed long and deep and closed her eyes. The fact that they had traveled six house nonstop to get to this farm for a two day holiday, was completely forgotten as every cell in her body felt recharged and alive. 

The owner had told that the water was totally pure and portable. Shreya bent down and took a sip. It tasted of life and freshness and natural goodness. She wished she had a bottle so she could fill some for her colleagues. She could not wait for Lopa to come there and share this experience with her. She closed her eyes again and wondered what was it that she felt so strongly towards Lopa, and why did it seem to intensify every moment. Why was it different than what she had felt for anybody before, man or woman…

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