Zing it up, zest it up

Now that I wrote about the five people who bring zest to my life, how can I forget the situations that make my mundane a little magical? So here are five situations that zest up my life:

A selfie gone wrong

Yes I'm old world and cannot understand why people stand with their backs against pretty places and block the wonderful view with their faces for a picture! I get sadistic pleasure when selfies go all wrong (for other people of course because I never take them)! Take a picture of the Taj Mahal, people and not of yourself pouting against it!

An office meeting canceled

Of course, this continues from the school days where sudden holidays were the sweetest words somebody said to you! I love it when something unexpected blocks meetings from happening – of course I never hope it happens because somebody is unwell or something, but sudden engagements, other commitments, unavailability of people, or any other harmless reason is good!

A traffic blockage rescued

Thanks to a Good Samaritan or a rare traffic cop who loves his job, sometimes traffic jams so get cleared up! I love those moments where you’re tired after moving inch by inch and then suddenly the vehicle in front of you zooms ahead – only then you realize that the road to happiness is all clear!

A spurt in motivation to exercise

Lazy and procrastinator that I am, there are those rare days when I actually ‘feel’ like exercising. Though such days don’t come too often, when they do, I totally dig them!

An unexpected compliment

Ever happened to you that you’re preoccupied with something else and then along comes somebody who tells you that your hair looks pretty today and you burst into a smile? Well, unexpected compliments anywhere – work, friends or even with random people – make my day. Is anybody listening?

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Red Handed said…
An office meeting cancelled feels as good as a teacher being absent in school. :D
Canary said…
Hahahah, so true!

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