A little trip to the French countryside

Sometimes you tease me in my dreams,
Your mouthwatering aromas, your delectable creams.

Shades of red mixed with a brown hue,
No flavor can be tastier than you.

Your buttermilk, butter, cocoa and beetroot attract me,
Those delicious frostings make me go weak in the knee.

When you land in front of me on this gorgeous dish,
If I only I could resist you – how I wish!

The Celebration Platter is truly your perfect partner,
Majestic in its looks, it enhances your every feature.

When you stage a dramatic entry beaming on its top,
You make my mouth water and my eyes pop!

Oh, Red Velvet cake! Now please be mine,
Let me savor your fluffy icing, your creamy layers so fine…

I wrote this poem in a fit on inspiration during my breakfast visit to a bistro close by. A cozy little affair run by an expat, this café is popular for its perfect French delicacies like croissants, cakes, muffins and pastries. It is always swarming with foodies, no matter what time of the day and the freshly baked aromas tempt you the moment you enter. I normally go there on Sunday mornings for a lazy brunch, armed with a book.

This Sunday I found a dainty and yet luxurious looking Red Velvet cake looking at me through the counter glass and I couldn’t resists, as always. Savoring the light buttermilk cream and layers of perfect sweet cake with my strong coffee, I was transported to the French countryside or to Paris with its many quaint road-side cafes and bistros. After finishing this sinful entrée to my morning, I walked up to the chef and asked him for the recipe.

He has seen me sitting around a couple of times and was happy to share some of his tips though for the main recipe, he asked me to look at any ‘good French cooking website’. As I ordered another round of coffee and a butter croissant this time (needing a salt rush badly), he asked me what I planned to do with the recipe.

I told him I planned to treat myself the next Saturday. It would be a mouthwatering indulgent weekend with home-baked Red Velvet cake. Using my proud acquisition: The Deep Round Casserole, I would be easily able to bake it at home. Since the casserole is made of borosilicate glass, it is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of upto 350°C. This means it can be safely used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. I would use the Celebration platter to serve the cake, as relishing good food is as much about appealing the eyes as it is about indulging the taste buds. Don’t you agree?

With my ‘good French website’ recipe, the handsome chef’s expert tips and MyBorosil’s perfect microwavable dishes, self-indulgence is not too far away!

(p.s. Thanks to My Beautiful Food for inspiring this post!)


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