#WhatTheBlack sways you in its current!

So, yesterday I wrote a post about all those irresistible wonders and beauties that I desired wanted to own in black, and since then I haven’t stopped thinking. It seems like everywhere I go, whether a mall, a supermarket, a restaurant or a cinema, there are fabulous objects in black staring right at me. Even if I switch on the TV, it’s the king of colors, the color black that catches my attention. So, you tell me, how can I not make another list of five wonders in black that have taken my fancy?

Now in this list, I have included things that I absolutely ‘adore’, but may or may not necessarily want to ‘own’, not because of any other reason, but because they can’t possible be owned. Well, that doesn’t stop me from wanting and desiring them, does it? So here I go, very poetically albeit!

Black comedy, that satires
in style,
it makes light of matter
that otherwise may be too vile.

It was coined in 1935
by surrealist theoretician André Breton,
to make light of serious issues
and says so much more than written! 

Black panda is the cuddly one
With its white and black eyes
I hope we can save them
Before this endangered creature dies.

If only I could own a Black Panda,
I love it to my best ability!
Take care of its safety and protection,
Educate people about its many qualities.

Black bird, I saw it in the wild
Quiet, unassuming and musical
With its yellow beak
It creates an effect quite magical.

In my city life I miss natural charms,
A Black Bird would bring such delight,
I would be its loving mother,
It would sing for me day and night!

Little Black dress, oh that beauty
In any girl’s wardrobe it’s essential
If you want to look classy
Then an LBD is fundamental.

Coco Chanel’s famous quote said
A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous. Only an LBD
can make it possible, in the right fittings

Black current, that delicious ice-cream,
With its surprising flavor
And citrus tang,
You never feel tired to savor!

I want to stock my fridge with it,
And never let it get over,
Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner
Whether in Delhi or Sydney or Dover!

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(Images from burdr.com, bbcgoodfood.com and naturetoanimals.blogspot.com)


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