The memoirs of Purple-land princess: Chapter safety

So my dear blogging buds, today I present for you another chapter from the life of our beloved princess of the marble palace fame. Yes, you’re right. The same princess from the kingdom of purple-land. The fairest, kindest and daintiest of them all.

So what happened is this. The princess had been sitting in her palace all day and getting bored. Of course her entourage was around. Her large swimming pool fitted with a heater was inviting. As was her spa with the best Thai masseuses, her personal theater with deluxe luxury seats to watch movies on a large hi-tech screen, her gymnasium fitted with the best equipment and her garden with the choicest of fruit trees. But none of it excited her today. Not even her favorite waterfall around the man-made cave or her bowling alley on the top floor.

So our princess decided that she had to do something different and exciting. She immediately called up her mother:

“What happened, my dearest sweetheart? How come you’re calling me early morning today?”

“I just feel a bit restless today, mother.”

“Oh! What is the matter my dearest?”

“Nothing is the matter. I just plan to drive up to the nearest beach today. I am just calling you to tell you about that.”

“Oh, ok. That is great, honey. I will come with you too. Your father is busy in a cabinet meeting so he may not be able to join now.”

“No, no, please. I am going with two of my assistants and it is going to be a girly trip. You won’t enjoy mother. Please relax, we will be fine. I will keep calling you.”


“Bye, mother.”

And with that the princess sat in her Audi with her two dearest friends who also happened to be her assistants and off they went. The weather was lovely today with a slight nip in the air. They kept giggling and singing songs all the way as their trusted driver drove the car.

They reached the beach around lunch time and decided to have a light meal under the shade somewhere. The princess, who despite being so rich was actually a nice girl, helped the other two set up a little tent and all the other things. Then they set out their picnic basket, seating mats, cutlery and food. The little vegetable and cheese sandwiches, chicken salad, various fruit juices and mushroom pasta were rounded off with Tiramisu. It was a fantastic meal and by the time they finished, it was almost 4 PM. Since the sun had set down a bit and it was alright to go out, the three decided to take a dip in the pool. The plan was to swim a bit and then head back home by 6 PM to be able to reach by 7:30 PM.

The water was cool and appealing. Thankfully, it was relatively less crowded and they could let themselves free today. With the help of a ball, a Frisbee and floating pads, the three girls were able to have a lot of fun. They splashed water at each other, swam carefully till wherever they could and had a rollicking time. After about an hour and a half they decided that though they were in no mood to head back, perhaps it was a good idea to do so. So they came out of the water and lied down on the beach for fifteen minutes because they were just so tired of all the activity.

The princess reached her car that had been parked by the side of the road across the beach at around 6:15 PM along with her two friends. They looked around but their old faithful driver was nowhere to be seen. He had been in the king’s service for around twenty-five years and he was never known to default on his duties. The assistants called for him, walked around to look for him and then they decided to call him on his phone.

Suddenly, to their shock they realized that they did not have the phone! They started panicking and looking all over the bags but it was nowhere. It was getting dark now and the situation was becoming darker too.

That was not the end of their worries. Once when a bright light flashed from a car, they saw that the driver was asleep on his seat. But why wasn’t he waking up? They knocked on his window many times but no response. One of the assistants picked up a large stone and asked the princess if she could smash the back window. The princess said ok because she was very worried by now. They did that and then opened the driver’s door from inside. The other assistant shook his shoulder but again no response. They sprinkled some water on him and shook him violently and then, suddenly, he fell to one side. He was dead. He had had a sudden cardiac arrest and had passed away when the three girls were busy bathing in the sea.

Now the princess couldn’t take it any more and she started crying. Seeing her, the other assistants who were dead scared by now and also full of grief, started wailing too. The three just crashed on the sand there with their things all around, none of them knowing how to drive, whom or how to call about the driver or their situation, or basically what to do. At this point, the princess suddenly noticed something. As if God had pitied them a bit, they saw that their satchel was actually under one of the seats. So it was not left behind, but had just fallen down while leaving from the car earlier. The princess leaped up in joy. Still in tears over the fate of her trusted driver, she picked the phone.

No, her woes had not ended. The phone was very low on battery. She decided to swiftly dial her mother before the phone died. She started dialing. 9-8-9-0-9-8-9-0-9------ and the phone died. She could not believe her bad luck. She banged the phone. She swung it up and down to bring it back to life but no luck. She wanted to scream, cry, break down, run to the road to ask for help even though she knew it was very dangerous…

Her two friends collected themselves and tried to console her now because they knew that the princess’ safety rested on them now. They had to get help and take the princess safely back home now. they tried really hard to think about what they could do now but their brains were jammed. Stories about the shameful and disgusting incidents with women were all over the news papers and this was the princess.


They all turned around sharply at the voice. It was the queen mother’s secretary.

“Princess, I just got here and I can see what has happened. My car is here along with the driver. Please go with him. I will stay back here, call up the palace about your driver’s unfortunate demise and make appropriate arrangements.”

The three girls were speechless.

“But… uh…?” The princess managed.

“The queen mother was worried when you decided to go alone but she did not know which beach you were going to. You were not answering the phone too. So she told me to go check every beach in and around the kingdom. Two other teams are also at checking out different beaches right now. This is the third beach that I have visited looking for you…”

Hearing this, the princess broke down again. The traumatic incident, the sudden danger, the unfortunate death everything flashed before her eyes. She got up along with the other two girls and they went back to the palace, shaken but safe.


She looked back.

“Could you please call your mother? She is very worried. You can use my driver’s phone.”

The princess nodded and started making the call. After that, the secretary looked at them driving off. He knew what the princess was going through. 

He sighed and thought: “I wish she had Smart Suraksha with her."

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