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I am writing this post to voice my opinion about the concerns we are facing in Delhi that need to be addressed urgently. Delhi people deserve to live in a state of decent humanity. Ok, please don’t raise eyebrows at my concoction of the phrase ‘decent humanity’. What I mean is a place where one is treated with respect and fairness by fellow inhabitants of the planet. And I also include animals and birds being treated fairly because they were made my that supreme power just how us humans were made. So going into the jungles and shooting them for their horns or taking away their land to build apartments just for our selfish interests is equally deplorable according to me.

But here I am going to restrict myself to cities, and specifically, to Delhi. This is the city where I was born, where I grew up, studied and learnt a lot about life. And now when this city is being counted amongst the worst cities of the world, it pains me. When this city is being known for its corruption, lack of safety, lack of hygiene and manners; I feel sad and helpless. I feel that the people running this city seem to be busy trying to position themselves by implementing PR heavy projects. Instead, if they plan and execute projects that reach out to people like us, they will automatically get all the goodwill and word of mouth they need.

So here is my Delhi manifesto on the issues you think we’re facing that need to be addressed about Delhi or other general problems regarding the nation as well.
  1. Even if 99% people have perhaps already said this, it cannot be said enough. Women’s safety. All women of Delhi and outside need to be able to live in state of decent humanity. They need to feel like respected normal human beings they are without being threatened at every moment for their safety, mental / physical well-being and peace of mind. Men across the country, though specially in Delhi need to be educated about how women are not objects they can possess and dominate, but a breathing and thinking species that deserved consideration, if not worship as advised by many religions.
  2. Less road rage, less anger and more humility. Whenever I have traveled outside Delhi, if there is one thing that everyone seems to have associated me with is this dialogue: Tujhe pata nahi mera baap kaun hai? (Don’t you know who’s my dad?). in this city where relatives and friends of politicians can be found in every nook and corner, you can hear this line being thrown about like a joke. Personally, I have heard this the most being used during cases of accidents with the other motorist or with the traffic cop. My agenda would be to ensure that courtesy, following regulations and respecting other people on the road. People should be able to drive on the roads without the fear of guns, abuses or politicians’ kith and kin.

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