Aao cash kare!

Yes, I agree there are tonnes of online shopping sites these days. But I am on this trip where I am trying lots of new things so I decided to check out Cashkaro. I was asked this: If you were given Rs.10,000 how would you spend it? How much would you save via Cashkaro.com and what will you do with that money saved? And so off I went chirping like a canary around the website and discovered some cool new ideas. Well, simply put you can see coupons and cashback offers for each of their partner websites and then get cashback automatically in your cashkaro account. But, I am yet to try their services myself and look forward to doing that soon. This is a post towards their bloggers contest - ain't it fun being a blogger these days. LOL.

Ok, so back to what I will do with the Rs. 10,000. Well, ahem, what can I say? This is the Diwali season. Everything around me is lit up like a bride, people are excited and the weather is pretty. So I will surely, definitely, most certainly go hunting for some classy diamond jewellery. Though I am not so much into jewellery, I feel that a single apt accessory can complete any look. I definitely do not want to go for the sappy ads being shown on TV which make you feel as if your life and happiness depends on wearing the right clothes and jewellery. It's amazing what clever advertising can do and how it can manipulate! 

Jewellery should just be treated as an accessory to be worn if you feel like it and not anybody else. And I can bet my money on a colored stone with a small diamond to complement most looks – so I love a sapphire or ruby stone with a diamond added to it for my ears. Off late, I have picked up a couple of imitation pieces of diamond earrings – largely single drop pieces that go with all my ethnic clothes. So, Diwali or no Diwali, I was anyway planning to add a real one to my collection soon. Great timing, this!

Cashkaro has exclusive pieces from DiamondGifter, which is one of the largest Jewellery e-commerce marketplace. DiamondGifter provides a platform for authentic jewellery vendors across the country to connect with millions of customers online. The platform has the widest assortment of collections from many leading national, international and regional brands. DiamondGifter has diverse categories of collections across Diamond Jewelleries. To ensure authentic buying experience, DiamondGifter has partnered only with leading, reputed and recognized brands. In the precious jewelleries category, the products are accompanied with authenticity certificate issued by authorised international labs certifying the authenticity and material quality. Products are shipped in tamper proof packages with insurance coverage and shipped only through their logistics partners.

This is DiamondGifter storepage. Though there is no cashback available on Diamond Gifter, there are pure silver and gold coins being offered at the moment upon purchase of jewellery in various categories. Isn't this exciting? See this! As an example: if you buy Jewellery worth Rs 5001 to 10000 range, you get 15gm 999 purity silver coin free and if you buy Jewellery worth Rs 15001 to 30000 range, you get 0.5gm 995 purity GOLD coin free. So with my Rs. 10,000, I will get the fabulous silver coin complimentary that I will gift to the loving husband and win his goodwill too! Anyway, he is just not into any kind of jewellery or accessories, so that makes me guilt-free ;)

You can also participate in this great contest by clicking on this link! Wish you all a very happy Diwali in advance :)


Harshita said…
Great blog! enjoy reading it! I also bookmark this site for visiting and updating regularly! thank for sharing with us!
Canary said…
You're welcome!

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