Battle the fear

It is true that first and foremost, the onus of your safety lies on you. You have to smart, aware and prepared, especially given the condition of Delhi and most other Indian cities / towns / villages. I have some things that I keep in mind (at least most of the times) - I am sharing them here hoping that they will help others:

1. Do not think “It can only happen to others”

2. Be alert, whether alone or in company, whether at home or outside

3. Do not try to be a daredevil – we live in a sick society a lot of times and unfortunately its better to be safe than sorry here

4. Buy a pepper spray

5. Keep people posted of where you are

6. Learn a form of self defense

7. Do not hire anyone without police verification and proper id documents

8. If you have a camera, take a picture of any person you will mildly suspicious of. In case of a trouble it can be shared with the authorities

9. A lot of times, rapists are people known to the victims. Be careful about the behavior of your relatives and friends – they may not be who you think they are

10. Try and use technology like mobiles, mobile apps, etc as there are newer things being developed

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.


disha said…
in sync with a lot of what you have to say ,
all the best ,
Canary said…
Really enjoyed your blog Disha... good luck to you too :)
Ethan Freeman said…
Appreciate yoour blog post

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