Keep your baby's skin safe and soft

I still remember how my baby’s skin used to be when she was just born. I used to spend hours rubbing my cheeks against her chubby, marble soft, smooth cheeks and feel proud of this little creations of mine! But I knew that it wouldn't be that soft forever. I had read about how babies are born covered in vernix, that protects a fetus's skin from amniotic fluid, and keeps is ultra-soft and safe.

Unfortunately, the effects of vernix don't last as you can imagine, once the baby is out in the real world for a while, the skin will never be as soft and safe as it is in those first few months. But that doesn't mean you nothing can be done to keep your baby’s skin the same. Let me share with you my own experiences, especially during early parts of my motherhood, on how you can keep your baby’s skin soft and safe! 

  1. Prevent diaper irritations. Some simple tips can make your diaper experience less worrisome. You can change your newborn's diapers every two hours (longer for older babies), but sooner if the baby passed stools, clean your baby's bottom thoroughly with a gentle wipe, wait for the moisture to dry up before you pack the baby again – it is not a good idea to put the diaper on moist skin as it won’t dry and cause irritation and rashes for the baby.
  2. Post-bath massages. You must have heard that massages are a great way to bond with your new baby, but additionally they're a great way to keep his or her skin safe too. After bath, the baby skin is hydrated and so it will absorb the moisture from an oil or lotion better. Use a natural oil instead of anything chemical or synthetic because your precious baby will not be able to fight anything harmful at this young age.
  3. Protect your baby from the harsh sunlight. Ideally, you should keep babies under 6 months out of direct sunlight because the baby is too delicate for its harsh rays at that time. If at all there is a need to step out, you can use a small quantity of natural sunscreen. Do a patch test first to see if the sunscreen suit the little one. Use baby hats, lightweight, long-sleeved clothing, to keep the little one’s skin safe.
  4. Use only products with baby-friendly ingredients. The little one needs all the care it can get in the initial months, everything should be natural and close to nature. Avoid any product that has harsh chemicals, including talcum powders and perfumes. The baby is already cute and cuddly and doesn’t need any of those artificial things added to increase the cuteness quotient!
  5. Keep the same point in mind when you buy detergents. Only chose baby-friendly detergent because these washed clothes will be constantly rubbing against your baby's skin. At the end of the day, rough clothes can trouble the little one too much.
I am sure that if you keep these 5 simple tricks in mind, you can keep your baby's skin safe and soft. And then you will hear those things that make all mommies bloat with love and pride: 'Awww so cute!’ or ‘I want to nibble on its teeny little toes’ :)

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