Celebrating a man who makes a difference

After I saw Farhan Akhtar endorsing the MARD campaign (Men against rape and discrimination), I had new found respect for the guy. I began following his charitable activities after that and discovered his lovely human side, I discovered that he truly makes a difference to society with his actions and beliefs. Today I decided to write this post because I feel moved by Farhan to such an extent that he is my idol.

Now, before you start making guesses as to why, let me correct you. 

1. No, this is not about the gorgeous body from Bhag Milkha Bhag, where he beefed up and looked like a million bucks (see below for yourself!)
2. No, it is not even about his riches or good looks.

3. It is not even about his singing or unusual voice.

The reasons why I think Farhan makes a difference are vastly different. It is because of what I think Farhan is from within. Who says a woman will only consider another woman as her idol? I think anybody who can inspire me with their good qualities, values and beliefs can inspire me. Farhan with his human side, outside of all the glamor and show, seems like a great human being to me. And great human beings always inspire me! Here are my top 4 on why Farhan Akhtar is my role model.

ONE: The right priorities! 
He is somebody with highly sorted priorities. He has a lovely wife, who runs her own business, and two lovely daughters. He seems sorted, somebody who loves his family. The couple understand each other's work and commitments, giving enough space and respect to each other. Farhan acknowledges his wife's positive influence in his life on all platforms. You can read one latest interview here, where he talks about her. 

TWO: Believes in himself!

He gives no hoot to criticism. Today, there is one pass-time that is everybody’s favorite – judging other people. Without knowing the person, the society is quick to slot and ruthlessly classify a person. Farhan Akhtar is no exception to that but he seems to care a damn. For everyone who said he had a crazy voice, he shot a surprise by actually becoming people's darling just because of his voice! When veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah criticised his latest film, he took it as a sport and said this. He knows that people will talk nonetheless and all he can do it focus on his work. When people said he could do only romantic or sing-song films, he worked super hard for Bhag Milkha Bhag and showed everyone his acting prowess. Now he is obviously having the last laugh.

THREE: Inner peace

Farhan’s peace and happiness seems to come from within, not from other people’s validation and approval. The root of happiness is actually the core essence of who we are. To be happy we just need to align with our Self! Farhan Akhtar is just the kind of person who is evolved and beautiful from within, because he is always smiling and pleasant. He has chosen to be happy, and hence happy he is, irrespective of the public opinions media reports, financial success and other ups and downs of life.

FOUR: Writes poetry!

Farhan writes poetry. I love everyone who reads and writes poetry because it is one of the most refined, creative and beautiful forms of expression. Well, what else can I say? He is true gentlemen, a chivalrous MARD who is expert in the sensitive art of poetry too, do I need any other reasons to consider him my idol and inspiration? ;)

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Image courtesy: indianexpress.com, ibnlive.com


Renu said…
I too like him:)
Mirage said…
I love him, and after your post I love him all over again! :)
Canary said…
Thanks Renu and Mirage! Another of my all time inspiration is Gulzar saab :)

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