Boss is always right!

I got the cricket fever from my mom. My first memory of cricket is watching my excited mother hooked to the TV during the 1994 world cup. There was an indefinite strike in our kitchen those days which meant lots of pizzas and burgers – so I was not complaining. Obviously that food festival left me a very highly pleasant taste about cricket.

Starting on that delicious note, my relationship with cricket has only gotten more sumptuous with each passing year. Whether be the world cups or the IPLs, our house is the adda for cricket lovers to stretch, scream, dance and crash! In addition to opening my doors for cricket-hungry fans, I have done some really crazy things to watch cricket myself!

One of the most recent examples has been during the current IPL season itself! For the Bangalore vs. Delhi match, we normally have the loudest cheering and shouting because of the number of people we have on both sides in our friend circle. So normally we all watch it together each season. Since the match was on April 17 which was a Thursday, we were all in frenzy. There were multiple discussions on how to take leave from office especially for people who were not automatically off due to it being an election day too. Finally after all the discussions, tussles and planning, guess who was the only person who did not have an off on the D day? Yes, of course! Yours truly!

Like I said, it was voting day in Bangalore and most of the people were off – including me, but my khadus boss decided that I had to finish a high priority project by logging in for one hour after I finish voting! I tried to indirectly tell him that I could do it the next day, but to no avail.

Finally I hatched a plan. I invited my boss to my IPL party at home. Yes. My evil cunning khadus boss. Because believe it or not, that was the only way he could have let me get out of the work and enjoy watching the match uninterrupted. But of course I could not tell my friends because they would have kicked me out of my own house. Hence I invited my boss secretly and when all my friends arrived happily with chips, cola, beer, candies and posters, they saw my boss sitting at home with a big excited grin. Before they could ask me who’s the dumb old guy trying to look cool in his tight t-shirt and face paint!

For the rest of the evening, we shouted to our heart’s glory and exchanged periodic glances whenever my boss did something stupid. Given how much I find him annoying and intolerable, it’s a miracle that I was able to have a blast despite him being there – and it was definitely not possible on any occasion other than the electrifying madness of an IPL match! The match was so much fun that we managed to ignore him and have the time of our lives! This was surely one of the craziest things I have done to watch a match and I’m sure ill do many more! Three cheers to rocking IPL!!! It’s not just a game, It’s a celebration!

An the celebration is even more fun with the free live steaming of matches at the new Star Sports website!!! It has changed the way I follow the game because I don't miss any piece of the action even when I have to rush to the kitchen to re-fill snack trays for my cricket-crazy friends - because my smart-phone keeps me updated of the action!

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Red Handed said…
My grandmother is obsessed with Cricket!! Sadly I did not acquire that taste.
Canary said…
Thanks RH and monica for dropping by :)

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