Love in the times of inflation

Tiku: A one-rupee coin
Piku: A five-rupee coin
Miku: A twenty-rupee note

Location: Pinku's piggy bank

Mood: Tiku, Piku and Miku were a bit sad today. Here is their conversation while lying together in Pinku’s piggy bank.

Tiku: Why are you both looking so sad?

Piku: I’m not sad.

Miku: You are, its so obvious from your face.

Tiku: And so are you! Look at your long face.

Piku: That’s how RBI designed him.

Miku: Shut up!

Tiku: Okay, so why are we all sad today?

Piku: Because we will be lying here forever in this piggy-bank and Pinku will never use us!

Miku: Yes! We have lost all value! In today’s world, you can buy nothing with twenty rupees!

Tiku: Then think about me! I am a one-rupee coin!!

Piku: Soon we will be extinct like dinosaurs!

Miku: I feel like crying.

Tiku: Don’t cry buddies, if somebody adds us together, we’re twenty six rupees. :(

Piku: Yeah, that’s also nothing. You can’t even buy the pocket of a pair of jeans with twenty six rupees.

Miku: But you know what, in the time of sales and bargain, we may be enough to buy some stuff still.

Tiku: Nah!

Piku: No, he has a point! Maybe not just by ourselves but we’ll be equivalent to more money that normal times!

Tiku: Hmmmm, okay, I see your point. Then maybe Pinku may use us to buy something…

Miku: Exactly! So we just need to wait for the time when coupons are announced and Pinku decided to use us to buy his school supplies!

Piku: But we will all separate from each other then! I’ll miss you guys! :'(

Miku: Awww, that’s true!

Tiku: No, wait!! These days there is this new concept called cashback at the time of shopping! Maybe after Pinku uses us to buy his school supplies during a bargain, he will get us all back as cashback?!

Piku: That will be amazing!

Miku: Yeah, we will all be together forever! <3>

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Shaivi said…
u have used such cute names...piku, miku...:)
Canary said…
Hahahha, thanks Shaivi! Glad you found them cute :) <3

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