Chop chop chop! Time to play with my hair!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have tried to explain the kind of hair style I want to a confused looking stylist, and still not been able to get the message across! Then, walked out of the salon wanting to curl up inside a gunny bag and sleep. No wonder, so many women take inspiration from celebrities when it comes to their hair. And by inspiration, I mean taking the photograph of an actress or singer to the stylist and saying, “This is exactly and only what I want. Nothing less. Nothing more.”

But of course this cannot guarantee total satisfaction too. Despite showing photographs to stylists, I have twice walked dejected out of salons, once looking like an electrocuted duck and another time like a melancholic turtle. And what happened as a result of it is that gradually I stopped playing around with my hair, taking risks, pushing the limits and basically having fun with them.

And then came along this ‘akashvani’ from some guardian angel somewhere:

I would suggest you hear this lovely song at least twice. Because there is a possibility that you didn’t absorb the essence of the lines at 0.26 that say,

“Dove hai to na
nuksaan hoga,
Tum hoge…
Baalon ka maidan hoga….”

And then at 0.38, when she sings,

“Is ched chad me,
Is khel kood me,
Giroge kabhi..
Uthoge kabhi…”

We give up the khel kood and daud bhaag of life just because we don’t want to fall down and get dirty. At least to me, this is what has surely happened. I’ve become so wary of the potential repercussions of change that I have stopped trying altogether. I have become so cautious of potential mistakes that I have stopped playing and having fun with my hair! I’ve forgotten that change is good not just as a destination but also as a journey. I’ve forgotten that change is good for our thinking, our perception and…. our hair! After all, “Baalon ki paheli hai, khelo to saheli hai…”

This women’s day, I’m going to go ahead and play with my hair. I’m going to get a new hair style! Without thinking as default that she’ll mess it. Without worrying that they’ll become too short. Without baggage, worry and needless anxiety.

You should go play with your hair too! Like Dove beautifully tells you,

“Utho, aaina dekho,
Bahut khoobsurat ho!”

Note: A post for this contest. You can follow Dove on Twitter or Facebook if you want beautiful messages for your hair and skin :)


Loved the way you've explained the parts of the lyrics you liked. I definitely have been guilty of watching the ad without listening to the song. Shall watch it with renewed interest now. :)
Jemina said…
I remember you blogging sometime back about how your hair look on each day of the week .:D (Real cute)
Now having read about your wanting to style to hair again, I am already imagining how they'd look in real life..:P :P (Nightmares..:P ):)
Good luck for the contest Canary..:D
Canary said…
Hey Khushboo! Yes pls do watch it again paying attention to the lyrics! That's what I liked most - found them very inspiring :)
Of course the girl is gorgeous and so are her hair! :D

@Jemima: Hahaha, you're such a nutcase!! :)))
Thanks for your wishes dearie :)
Radhika chawla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radhika chawla said…
hahaha! I like it ;)
Canary said…
@Radhika: Thanks dearie! So glad you liked it :)
This reminds me its been a while since I dropped by your blog - will do so today!

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