Friday evening Soiree

As a change from out usual monthly hang-outs, this time all of us colleagues at work decide to do a mini shopping escapade together. The plan was to leave office a bit early on a Friday and hop on to the nearest mall. There the girls were going to go wild in the designer stores and the boys could chose to shop or have a beer till everyone gathered together for an early dinner and lots of fun.

From Friday morning itself, there was a buzz in the office. Being a small office where people know each other on first name basis, we share a great camaraderie. Couple of people had meetings lined up for the morning, but given the general mood, everything was just about laughter and frolic. By around lunch time, people had started nudging each other to show heir watches. Some people had started packing their bags and making car-pool plans. Finally our bosses realized that there was no point trying to make us work. Nobody was in the mood!

So they gave up and told us it was fine to leave even earlier than planned. There was a big hurrah and the entire office was wiped clean in a matter of minutes. We all were in various cars within twenty minutes on the way to the mall. But the excitement soon started fizzing off. The traffic was a bummer despite it being afternoon. Thankfully there were lots of fun conversations to keep everyone engaged and in good spirits.

We got to our destination later than we expected. Parking was another headache because it was really pricey and yet tough to find spots. We all finally met on the ground floor a good one hour after we had started from the office. Everyone was already losing interest in anything but a pint of chilled beer. Just when we thought this will be a sad evening, our super boss exclaimed happily, “Wow this can be fun!”

We all looked at him, “What happened sir?”

I just got an SMS that all online shopping portals have started their summer sales! There are fabulous discounts for both, as well as cashback.

“Really?!” This came from the women mostly.

Another guy had meanwhile logged in to these sites so he added, “Yes, really, there are some coupons available for deals on clothes, shoes, accessories and a lot else.”

“How about we go to a person’s house – the shopping can happen online and beer can be gulped alongside all within air-conditioned comforts?” I volunteered skeptically.

“GOOD IDEA!!!” Everyone in the team cried together so that pretty much everyone in the mall turned to look at us. Within the next five minutes we had packed ourselves again the cars and headed towards the super boss’ lavish mansion. He had a well stocked bar, an awesome entertainment system and a fridge stocked with sinful food. This was the best bargain we could have asked for to make our Friday evening amazing!

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