The curious case of an Indian wedding

On this wedding anniversary, we invited our friends for a relaxed dinner at home. 

In the middle of all talking, laughing, singing, my husband suddenly decided to take charge of the microphone.

“I’d like to make a toast to my wife and narrate a story….” Hooting and excitement followed. 


“…..of how we met and fell in love! Once upon a time….” General merriment everywhere as people pinched me teasingly.

“.....See, fellows, it needs to start like this because it’s a fairy tale…” Husband added and people went awwww. “I saw a pretty maiden at my cousin’s wedding. Obviously, I walked up to her for a chat...." 

'They lived happily ever after?????’ Shouted someone.

"No, she scooted just in time! Then next morning, after a few hours of sleep at the groom’s house, I woke up to hunt for coffee. Guess who I saw?”

‘Canary! Happy ending!' Applause follows.

“Not yet!! She ignored me. So I gave up. I shaved, bathed, packed up. When I was taking leave of my aunt, this pretty one came over and gave me a shy dazzle of a smile.

Hi, I say.
Hello, she responds.
We didn’t get to talk much, I say.
Perhaps we should catch up later, she responds.
I’d love to, I say.
This is my number, she responds.”

People thump on tables and egg him on.

“So, in the car, I reflect on the sudden change in her demeanor and then it hits me. From being a rugged rogue, I had shaved and turned into a suave clean-shaved gentlemen! My clean shaven look bowled her over!” Hooting reaches a peak.

“You see,” I decided to break in now. “I don’t much like unhygienic human amazon forests.”

Much laughter as we both wink and hug.

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Writing this in response to Priyanka's tag!

I'd like to tag her back, along with kitchenmummy and Jemina :)

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Kathy Combs said…
Give me a clean shaven gentleman every time! ♥♥
Ha ha..this is sweet!! And I totally agree with you!
Canary said…
I agree Kathy :) <3

Thanks so much Corinne :)
Gad you agree with me!
Haha..“I don’t much like unhygienic human amazon forests.” I am gonna die laughing Canary :)
Thanks for acknowledging my tag through such a wonderful post.
I am going to acknowledge your tag soon :)
Canary said…
Lol, I'm thrilled you found it so funny :D
Ok, pls do by tomo as it's the last day! :)
Lol again! ;)
Amrita Sabat said…
Very nice post! Romantic n mushy too! Keep it up! :)
Jemina said…
rolling out of laughter already..:P
your husband is a smart man, he played his card right and shaved to impress you..:P
Amazon forest men- classy..hahaha..:P
Canary said…
Awww... Thanks Amrita... Btw, loving your goa profile pic :)

@Jemina: Hahahahah
Glad I made you laugh so much! :D
Are you thinking of writing a post in response to my tag? :P
Amrit Sinha said…
Ha ha ... this was fun, specially the Amazon part :-P
Canary said…
Lol, thanks Amrit..
That's a fun(ny) love story.. :P
p.s. I should try a career in comedy blogging or something! ;)

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