From dating to doting

It was our rare date night and we had just finished dinner. I was a bit pensive. Since the time we got married, romance had started flying out of the window like a slow deflating balloon. This time I had booked movie tickets twice, only to have them canceled once and postponed once, because of husband’s erratic travel schedule. The restaurant was chosen because of proximity to home.

With more focus on logistics and less on spontaneity, the date somehow felt like a chore to me. Seems that the normally preoccupied husband noticed my melancholic mood.

He asked me cheerily, “So? Date night, eh?”

“Yeah, you were a part of it, remember?” I was irritated and not reluctant to show it.

“Fun times, I tell you. We should do it again.”

“I’m not so sure of that.” I said softly without looking at him.

“Why? You didn’t like my new look?”

New look? I looked at him closely. Oh my God! In all my frustration over cancellation and postponements, I hadn’t noticed that the husband had shaved today. Given the fact that to make him shave was normally more difficult than expecting a domestic help to come on time, I knew he had put in special effort for today.

When we reached home, our silly cute fishes jumped up and down in their bowl. The husband went over for a little tête-à-tête.

“Guess what Pisces? Your mommy is very impressed with your daddy today.”

“Don’t believe him. He’s delusional.” I pretended coolness and went into the bathroom.

“Pssst…My clean shaven look bowled her over just now, that’s why she’s bashful…” I heard him say from the other room.

I looked in the mirror. It was true. There was a faint glow on my cheeks.

The ice had begun to melt.


I accept the tag from kitchenmummy :)

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Red Handed said…
Hahahah cute this was.. I am liking the guy :P
anitaexplorer said…
Nice one, Canary! Best wishes for the Contest!
I have tagged you for PAUS in my Post-
If possible, do accept & respond to my tag :)
Note- Today is the last date!
Pl do inform me as a comment in my Blog when you Post :)
deeps said…
thats a nice story to end the year with..
happy 01-01-14 ahead
Canary said…
@RH: hahahah, thanks muchly! :))

Hey anita!! Seeing your comment now! And the activity is already over :(
Thanks for your wishes though :)

@Deeps: Thanks a lot and wish you a great year ahead too :)
Suzy said…
Nice story. He sounds like a nice guy. Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy New Year.
Unknown!!! said…
First of all thanks for hopping on to my blog..
OMG!..runner up in so many contests :)..congrats for all..
..and lastly..this post also will win some award :)
AYUSHI... said…
Aww...sweet...Loved it :) Short, crisp yet melodious... Thanks for stopping by Canary, wish you too a very happy new year :)
Canary said…
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, Suzy.. and more thanks for your new year greetings :)

@UK: My pleasure and so good to re-connect with you after almost 6 years!!
Nah, there is nothing so great in that... there are many runners-up. I'll only be happy if I'm a winner :)

@Ayushi: Lovely compliment on the first day of the year! :)
Made my day..
ashok said…
Happy New Year Canary..thanks for ur wishes in my blog!
Canary said…
@Ashok! thanks so much and happy new year o you too!!! :)

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