If there's a paradise, what will it be like?

Close your eyes and picture paradise.

Do you see happy days, vivid nights and colorful dreams that come true? Do you see a stunning island with pure white sand beaches? Did it include a party with the three important ingredients: good food, great drink, greatest people?

Or do you see the expanse of nature in the form of rainforests, which seem to be as alive as any of the tropical animals that live there.

Does paradise shape up as a hike with your loved ones on some breathtaking mountains, looking at the world through new eyes? Does it include friendly people, exotic sumptuous food and lot of partying?

Or a universal favorite! When you close your eyes, do you picture paradise as a day spent lounging and closed with watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea, to the sound of slow reggae rhythms and good times?

If your paradise is any of this or more, chances are you will find paradise in Jamaica. Here’s why:

An island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, Jamiaca is truly heaven on Earth. And it is a country that is known for its love for dance and music. Jamaican traditional dance music forms are so gregarious that they enhance celebrations of all special holidays and events. People wear colorful costumes and have a feast. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of your favorite songs were probably influenced by the Jamaican beat. From storytelling, to chat and gossip, Jamaican people can make music out of everything. The passionate and infectious sounds of their folk music are almost like the heartbeat of the Jamaican people.

A not so much spoken of gem from Jamaica is the Jamaica passion fruit. The Jamaica passion fruit is a perennial plant which thrives well in the tropics such as Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia and Asia. The passion fruit is round and normally the size of a medium tomato. Passion fruit is known worldwide for its juice. The Jamaican passion fruit makes a wonderful refreshing drink with its distinctive aromatic flavor. It also goes well in other fruit drinks lending its superior flavor.

You probably know where I’m heading with this. An association with a country so vibrant and a fruit so exotic has to mean only one thing.


And that’s exactly what Bacardi Jamaican passion breezer is. The Jamaican passion breezer combines the fun element of Jamaica with the deliciousness of passion fruit, adds it own little touch to it and comes up with a clear winner! Take a swig and it won’t disappoint you. It is my favorite flavor out of all the amazing flavors that Bacardi has brought to the Indian shores and I am sure that if you taste it, it will be yours too.

Now, there is a story that I heard at a party and I am not very sure about its truth but it goes something like this. Breezer as a beverage was born at bars on the west coast of the U.S. in the late '80s. And that too thanks to surfers who mixed Bacardi rum with tropical fruit juice and sparkling water. Rumor about this improvised drink made it all the way to the Bacardi offices, where they loved the entire idea! So, they decided to adopt the concept and what we have now is a legend. Here’s a flash of the awe-inspiring Bacardi history.

But, wait. This is not the end of it.

Here is my speculation on what happened next in the story. A lover of fun, color and beaches from the Bacardi offices traveled to Jamaica on a vacation with this third wife (just to add to the drama of the story – it would be so boring if it is a regular tie-wearing guy with his pretty wife and two obedient kids). Now this Bacardi executive was a genius who had an eye for the best of the best. He spent some unforgettable days in Jamaica, savoring its dances, music, cuisine and beaches. And on of his eventful days, he discovered the passion fruit. The rest as I say, would surely have been history.

His trip was soon coming to an end and he was more in love with his third wife than ever. His heart was nostalgic and his eyes were moist. Once he tasted the sweet nectar of the fruit, his world changed. He fell in love with the fruit and ordered shipments of it to be sent back to his beach front house in Malibu. Both the love struck lovers spent the rest of their vacation eating passion fruit amidst wonders of the Jamaican paradise.

Soon the vacation was sadly over. Once our lively and brilliant executive came back to his beach front mansion, he could not be still. His heart was stuck somewhere in the Caribbean sea waters. His dreams each night were full of the virginal beaches, the sounds he heard were those of waves lapping towards him, the smells he experienced were those of delicious barbecue at one of Jamaica’s many festivals and parties. Life was just not the same.

But one day, suddenly, he remembered the treasure he has secured from the paradise! His passion fruit! The fruit symbolic of the passion he felt for Jamaica! The love of his life (of course other than this lovely third wife)! He ordered the packages to be brought forth. He sat down with bated breath.

Once in front of him, the fruits unsealed the wonders of Jamaica again. As he dipped into their inviting juices, something started forming in his mind. Something about their taste, their aroma, their succulence and their luscious fluids. He knew how he could immortalize the sensation of Jamaica forever.

The next day when he went to his corner office in the large Bacardi tower, Bacardi Jamaican passion breezer was born.

Jamaican passion Breezers

Now if you want to know what exactly does the Jamaican passion breezer taste like, picture the coolest thing you know and then multiply it by 100. You will still be short of Jamaican passion breezer’s coolness factor. 

So, instead do this: Get a party started with this delicious fruity alcoholic drink. Get the music started. Soon you will turn into a person who will personify JMB - yes, you will be how Jamaican passion breezer would have looked like if it were a person. You will be all of the below and more:
  • You’re fun: everyone wants to talk to you
  • You’re suave and smooth
  • You’re up for anything crazy, exciting and outrageous
  • Your entrance at a party is announced by trumpets and fanfare
  • You’re most sought after everywhere because when you are there, people will have a memorable night / day / any-time-of-day
  • All the cabs hail you
  • It doesn’t matter if you end up on a rooftop with a view, or stay in with friends; you are always awesome
  • If its winter, you bring summer fun and refreshment
  • When its summer, you warm them up
Nothing more that I say or do can seal the fact the Bacardi Jamaican passion breezer is the best flavor out of all flavors in the market. It is a party in a bottle. It is the queen of them all, the undisputed gem in the crown of the breezer world. And if there is a paradise, the only drink served there is a Bacardi Jamaican passion breezer.

I am throwing a party tonight where Bacardi Jamaican passion breezer is making a grand entry. Everyone is invited, and your name is always on top of the invitees list. So, join me!

Drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive.

This is what inspired me to write this post!


Shilpi Dutta said…
My God..I never did so much research for this post. This was lovely! Superb post ya!
Canary said…
Thanks Shilpi!! so glad you came by my blog and thanks for liking this post.. Do keep visiting and good luck to you too :)
Brian Miller said…
ha. nice promo for the jamaican breezer...i def would not mind a trip to jamaica...a bit of paradise...its freezing here today...ha
Canary said…
Hahaha, thanks Brian! Who wouldn't love to go to Jamaica!

And till that happens, we can savor Jamaica in a bottle! ;) :D
madhu bhardwaj said…
Excellent effort and research !
SG said…
Though this is an infomercial for the Breezer, I like your writing style.
veturisarma said…
whoa...this is some post...i think this will win something
D said…
Character of the blog definitely has changed but that i guess is evolution.
Gauri Mathur said…
Hey! Wonderful post!
And ya I like Jamacian too! :D :D.

Canary said…
Thanks Madhu!! It's amazing to get appreciation from you :) Love your blog btw.. :)

Thanks SG.. I'm glad you enjoyed my writing style.. I do enjoy writing a lot too :)

Wow Vetu, that's an awesome compliment coming from you.. It is quite a thing for you to predict that I'm surely winning something!!
Canary said…
Hey D!! I'm so happily stunned that you're still blogging after 6 years!! Hopping over to your blog right away...

@Gauri... heheh, of course Jamaican passion rocks!! ATB to you :)
Bharati Singha said…
Amazing writing style with wonderful videos...I'd like to visit Jamaica someday!! It's a paradise on earth.
Canary said…
Thanks a bunch Bharati... I always cherish any comments and appeciation of my writing style ... :) :)
I'd love to visit there too! Let's plan together? ;)
But ya, till then let's stick to our Jamaica in a bottle! hic hic hurray!

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