My father, the strongest!

Fathers are those unsung angels that hold their wings in protection high above us but are forgotten most easily in the glamor of things recalled. 

They hold out hand to not let us fall. 
They teach us values that hold us in life. 
They are there to always fall back on whenever we turn around.

Any and every occasion that we take to thank fathers is not enough. There are days like “Father’s day” that aim to capture the essence of this wonderful presence in our life, but they never can justify their contributions fully. 

And if there is nothing that a child can do or say or give to fully express what a father means to him or her, then it will the simplest gesture that will do justice: a hug.

And so, on this father’s day that’s what I want to do because I truly feel that a hug is the best gift I can give my dad this father’s day! 

I can never hope to express everything that makes me thankful for him, but I feel that one of the best ways would be first share with my readers the values I learnt from him…

Be true to yourself
No matter what happens, where the tide turns and how much pressure the society puts on you, stay true to what you are. Stay true to your roots, your identity and your dreams. Never try to be somebody else, follow a herd or deride where you come from.

Never lie
Life will be ruthless and lying will be the easier way out in a lot of circumstances, however never ever compromise on your integrity. Never lie to save your face because one lie will always lead to another. Saying the truth is difficult but always the better solutions to any problem.

Follow your dreams but be practical
You have one life. Mob mentality will force you to do things that are in the vogue or are cool. But what will give you deep and long lasting satisfaction and joy will be doing what your heart desires and longs for. It will be difficult to follow your dreams initially but they will be fruitful in some way or the other eventually. They may not give you money or fame, but they will give you a sense of identity and personal meaning. But at the same time, know when to stop. Know when it has become unreasonable or impractical, do not continue just for the sake of emotions attached.

Remembering these values that he has always imbibed in us is more important to him than remembering the day when he stood in the rain waiting for me to return from school for two hours, or the day he changed three buses to come pick me on my first day at work, or the day when he spent an entire day baking cakes after cakes to get one right for my twentieth birthday or the day when he so how to Skype so that he could talk to me every other day when I moved out of the city for the first time for a job I could not refuse. And as you have obviously gathered by now, my father is an ideal and wonderful man, who does not believe in materialistic or superficial things… and if that is a case, don’t you agree that a hug is the best gift for him? :)

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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