Boss has a crush

“Wasn’t this place supposed to be more exciting? Did any of you think this will be so dull, lifeless and boring? Look at all these dead people working in offices, standing in queues and clueless about what they want!”

“Sir, I am as shocked as you are!”

“Aye, useless! What is the point of being shocked? Do something more.”

“Sir, I am as new as you are here. I don’t know what to do.”

Now there was an eerie silence of two minutes in which the latter got such a stare that he knew that if he did not do something to entertain his boss soon, he will be treated in a not very beautiful way. So off he went.

He walked up and down the streets, he hid behind buildings, he peeped into keyholes, he sat in crowded gardens, he tried to listen to people speak and he did pretty much everything else that he could do to find how to make this hellishly boring planet a little less boring, a little more interesting.

Alas! There was nothing that he could find. Most people looked uninterested in not only other people’s lives, but even their own. Most songs were dismal. Most dances were unappealing!


Didn’t they say Earth was fascinating???

Was this their definition of fascinating?

This was duller than their own planet back home, Fooza.


The cute, cuddly, adorable Fooza. The land of their birth, the shine of their lives, the apple of their eyes, Fooza.


Why did they leave this lovely lifelines of theirs?

Minion was so sad right now, sitting in the center of one large noisy dirty bazaar in Mumbai as he thought of his beloved Fooza. The boss was never interested. It was just minion who was keen to explore new waters. He had heard about something called Earth from the local astrologer and had been so utterly fascinated that he had decided that come what may he will go to Earth. The problem had been boss. The serious, disciplined, loyal and honest boss. He would have never given leaves to minion to explore new waters and see the universe. So minion had constructed an elaborate tale lasting many months to convince boss that Earth was the best place in the universe and finally managed to convince him to go to Earth for a week. Minion was just going to accompany him, not that he wanted to go there himself ;-)

But now everything looked so opposite of what he had dreamt! How would he ever entertain boss for even an hour, forget a week! Minion was so scared that he almost thought of hiding somewhere and never going back to boss! But boss had the keys to their alien-plane and if minion ever wanted to go back to Fooza, he needed boss. So now he had to find a way to make boss’s Earth trip worthwhile so that they could go back happy and satisfied after a week. But there was absolutely no hope in sight. Sigh.

Suddenly, there was a loud drumroll and minion heard:

Unche se uncha banda, potty pe baithe nanga
 Phir kaahe ki society, saali kaahe ka paakhanda
 Bheje se kaleje se, kalaje se kalaje se
 Mit jaaye gham maroge toh jiyoge dum maro dum
 Dum maaro dum..
 Mit jaaye gham
 Bolo subah shaam
 Hare Krishna hare Krishna hare Krishna Hare Ram
 Dum maaro dum
 Mit jaaye gham
 Bolo subah shaam
 Hare Krishna hare Krishna hare Krishna Hare Ram


Minion couldn’t believe his ears. Who was this nightingale who was singing such a gorgeous addictive song with such abandon? Then he saw her. She stood on a stage far away jumping dancing and singing with full energy.


And next to her was another man, who added so much to the performance with his fluid dance steps that minion was hooked. There was something about the man’s expressions and body language that made him a treat to watch.

Minion had to talk to them!

He ran towards the stage just as they both finished their performance and stepped down. He got to speak with them because they were both so friendly. He learnt that Anushka plays the piano, guitar, flute, tambourine, maracas other than singing and writing songs! He also learnt that Allu is one of the most popular Indian actors especially known for his emotional scenes!

When Anushka and Allu learnt about their space trip, they were so excited that they wanted to do a special show just for boss and minion. What more could minion ask for? He took them back immediately to where boss was waiting.

The personal show was a hit! Boss loved it so much that he gave minion a hike and promotion (shyly admitting that he had a little crush on Anushka)! Their all danced till late night and had the best time of their lives! A situation that was sad till now got so charged with energy when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice came together that Earth won a whole new set of supporters! There is nothing better than some dance and music to jazz up your life!

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