My Airtel App

So I downloaded the Airtel app on my phone yesterday and have been hooked ever since! It seems to be the simplest way to manage all your airtel services through your handset. And I also get amazing offers on recharge. I don’t see too many reasons why I should opt out now. 

Let me tell you what all happened after I downloaded the app:
  1. I was asked to accept terms and conditions: I read most of them and they seemed okay..
  2. I got an option to add my Airtel products as you can see in the picture below. This included landline, DTH, mobile or any other. So I went ahead and added my mobile number of the app. After this I got a One time password (OTP) which I entered in the app to activate my account.
3. The next screen welcomed me and showed all products associated with my number currently as well as the optional new products I could go for. 

4. I clicked on my number in this screen and reached a page where I could pay outstanding bills, get bill details, manage services, create service requests, get to know the special offers, know about 3G and go to Airtel live (snapshots below). 

The 3G screen showed me details of my current usage and balance and I loved this feature because the current ways I follow are too tedious – either entering “DATA USE’ and sending to 121 or entering *114#11 on my screenpad. This app allows me to quickly get my usage at a click

Now here are the 3 features of the app that best suit my lifestyle:

Multiple products in one place!

I could add all my current Airtel products and services right here in one screen. I was clearly told that the advantage of adding those products was that I could view my bill details or any such related information, I could manage services from Airtel by having easy access to activate or deactivate them and I could create any kind of service requests for Airtel in addition to checking status of the existing ones. There is also a link to Airtel products where I could see all of them and learn which ones apply to me or will help me the best.

It’s fast!

I can do a lot with the help of one app. It is a coincidence that my mobile plan, DTH and broadband are all Airtel and hence this is perfect for my current life as well as lifestyle! I also have the added feature of saving my most frequent tasks on the home screen as shortcuts under "I want to" tab. This also suits and busy me. I can make shortcuts of
  •     Bill payments
  •     Recharge
  •     Buy packs
  •     Record a program
  •     Order games
  •     View balance
  •     Data consumed
  •     Check recharge history

Special offers!

With the use of this option, I just need to shake my phone and get unlimited offers and attractive deals! I saw things like entertainment, dining and shopping – all perfect for my lifestyle. I am sure to try all these offers soon :)
Overall it looks like a handy app and I totally plan to keep trying and updating more experiences here…


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