Moms, the original superheroes :)

Moms are superheroes. The word that is assigned to them is a tiny 3 letter one but the duties that are assigned to them cannot be described fully in a full length novel. They are not only supposed to be nourishers, givers, caretakers and custodians as per their traditionally defined roles, but they are expected to be listeners, clowns, therapists, doctors, teachers, counselors, and many other things as per their undefined roles!

My mother is no exception. I know everybody says this but she is really the best out there. Unconditionally selfless and loving, she is always thinking about the well-being of her kids. She gets up the first in the house and is the last to go to bed at night. She is either cooking or cleaning or loving or caring or listening or doing things for us. I have hardly seen her doing anything for herself. I have heard her ask anything for herself. I have heard her want anything for herself.

Knowing all the millions of things she does, I know exactly how stressed she is. I know that her mind is constantly buzzing and her there is no moment of respite for her. Multiple actions and priorities are constantly competing for her attention making things extremely challenging and trying for her. It is obvious that I see her stressed a lot of times though, being what she is, she never expresses it, complains or shares her anxieties and worries with us. To us she always seems completely in control, completely happy, completely relaxes and satisfied. 

But thankfully, I have got a minor piece of her gift of empathy and I know that she is putting up this fa├žade only so that the rest of her family doesn’t get any additional stress than what they may be already battling with. And this is why, I feel that on this mother’s day she deserves nothing but the best. I would like to destress my mom by giving her a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy oil massage.

You love me when I am most annoying,
You give when I most need you,
When we all feel lost you find a way,
When we feel helpless, you’re always there.

Mom, you never show us your worries,
Mom you never tell us if you’re tired,
We never know what stress looks like on you,
And so we all want to be like you.

If there is somebody who needs pampering it’s you
Somebody who is a true princess it’s you,
You’re my superhero, you’re my only hero,
Mom, this magical relaxing aromatherapy massage in only for you…

(I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.)
(pictures from pixabay)


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