Reinventing myself

They say change is the only constant in life. No matter how much the present seems comfortable and predictable, life only moves forward if
there is change. Otherwise it is just a set of similar days that we live out
morning to evening, with nothing learned, achieved or done. Otherwise it is
just a prototype of somebody else’s tried and tested days that we emulate as
our own and go through till our death. We never take any risks, adventure or
try anything that may reveal something extraordinary.

I won’t claim that I have had many opportunities or
adventurous moment to make a new start in life, take a bold step, and bring
about a big change in my own life but there have been a few that I am very
proud of. The biggest such moment in my life was when I decided to take a job
outside my city. Now this may not seem so groundbreaking to you. But then you
are most likely not like me.

You did not spend your entire life shadowed and taken care
of by your mom and dad, in fact not only your mom and dad but your uncles,
aunts, grand uncles, grand aunts and everybody related to them who thought that
your life is their business, your decisions, actions and movements need to be
signed off by them. I was too stupid in my childhood to realize that and
thought that this was how most children grew up, I thought that pleasing the
entire extended family was normal, doing things to please random people was how
life was meant to be.

Till this strange job in a new place came along. The job was
prestigious and paid well, these were things that my extended intrusive family
cared for. So they decided that it was okay for them to allow me to leave the
city in which I spent more than a quarter of my life and go live in a
completely strange alien land. In fact I was so gullible that I even felt
slightly thankful to them for having allowed me and blessed the next chapter of
my ife.

Off I went.

The next few years can only be called cataclysmic. The first
two years were simply euphoric. While I took time to settle down into a routine
where everything, right from waking up on time to buying groceries were my own
responsibility with no mommy daddy or aunty to take care of; but then the joy
of earning my own living, deciding my own lifestyle, making my own choices and becoming
my own person became an unparalleled joy. My journey to #StartANewLife was exhilarating,
full of learning and satisfaction.

Now I am at a point where somehow this new life’s exhilaration
have become habitual to me and some of the old bad habits seem to be coming
back and tugging at me – I guess this is because adjusting to a new life had
made me so busy and involved that I restructured my way of thinking of living
and thinking but the moment this became ‘normal’, old habits thought surfaced
again. But now I am taking this as a challenge as well and looking at getting
rid of the old habits completely as the next part of reinventing myself. 

Thanks to for inspiring me to do that!


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