Put your best foot forward!

Since the day I started working, I realized that it is no cakewalk. Each day is a new struggle, a new challenge and a new beginning. Each day brings its own set of problems to be solved and worlds to be created. With so much competition around, with so many talented people around there is enough and more that needs to be proved. One cannot rest on yesterday’s laurels because there is always more to be done. One cannot bask in yesterday’s glory because there is more to be achieved.

And with such a tough environment to operate in, any further impediment can be very unnerving. When there is so much done every day, you want nothing to add to your stress. You want things around to stay perfect and instead to push you towards success and new heights. So if you come across something that stresses you out, that tries to hold you back or take you towards failure, it is highly demotivating, saddening and upsetting.

Personally, I have realized that while I am able to work hard on my work, presentation skills, team work and productivity; it is my appearance that is tougher to maintain than how it seems. It’s easier to think that wearing a crisp business suit, perfect hair and having a great attitude will make it all easy to navigate through; but what happens when your appearance goes out of your control? When your skin breaks into acne and pimples all the time? Especially when you have important meetings or presentations lined up for the day!

I may be ultra-prepared for work, but these are the days that totally stress me out. After spending sleepless nights going through excel sheets, financial reports and crunching numbers; the worst thing that can happen to a person is waking up with an ugly unwieldy large blob on your face or hair that makes you look like a comic monster!

Imagine that morning with a fully equipped presentation and background work with you feeling confident of your work, but that shabby and unprofessional appearance taking away at it all!

Imagine my confidence being stripped away because I know that I’m not able to put my best foot forward.

Imagine my plight when I know that something as tiny and superficial like a little pimple can take away months of preparation and hard work, because my audience is distracted by how I look!

Being somebody who did not take looks seriously, who thought that being too obsessed with appearance was superficial and shallow, and thinking that I only cared about ‘content’, now after going through some experiences where my appearance has created an unfavorable first impression in situations that I really cared about, I have realized the importance of it. I have realized that in this world where we meet so many people very day, we do invariably end up making deep impressions about people based on how they look, and this is totally justified and acceptable. In this world we cannot anymore think that focusing on how you look is superficial.

If you are somebody who wants to put your best foot forward at the workplace and in the professional world, then you have ensure that you look as good as you work. You have to pay as much attention to that sudden pimple as you do to your client meetings. I am happy that after so many issues with pimples and bad skin at the workplace I have learnt this lesson, and now I am prepared to handle situations at work without feeling nervous about unexpected pimple outbursts or bad hair days :)

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Disha Kotak said…
They pop up at the worst time ever.... hope you fell better you comic monster, lets hope you turn into a princess soon!
all the best!

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