From Skeptic to intrigued... to loyalist?

There isn’t a day that I don’t read a news in the paper about changes or new products in banking. So I take all the hype with a pinch of salt normally.


Yeah, recently when Indiblogger asked us to sample the new Kotak Jifi account and write about it, I was my usual skeptic self. I did a lot of research, read the website and spoke with my friends. In this report I read, Jifi transcends digital banking by seamlessly incorporating social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with mainstream banking.

I do believe that today's generation is moving towards digital-ization. Shopping, information-searching, house-hunting, holiday planning, job changes, reference and bill payments --- everything is happening online, because it is convenient, hassle-free and just the way things are going to be done in the future so you better get used to it now. So, I am actually thankful that one bank has finally woken up to this change and necesity by launching an innovative product. But, does it work? Is it as good as it sounds? Does it help me and my friends on my my social networking lists? Is it really going to help me manage my money, save money or even make more money? I decided to check it out, if for nothing else, then for finding faults in it! But I was not quite prepared to be happily surprised once I did !

Firstly I was quite bowled over the simple and efficient home page:

The first thing I noticed was that this account seems to be great for youngsters, who are active on social networking platforms, because they get to easily align all their various social presences into this bank account, and even make some loyalty / reward points oit of it! This ia great, fun and hassle-free proposition for tech-savvy Gen Y that prefers to stay online at all times.
Then I was equally intrigued by the way this video presented the account, the simple steps involved and everything else that one needed to know:

Simply put: Now one could enjoy all the benefits of a regular account, without worrying about tracking and maintaining monthly balances. Jifi is a non-interest bearing account, however it does not have any minimum balance requirements. What's more, it pays high interest on balances over Rs.25,000 by automatically creating term deposits with your spare cash.

Added to that, Jifi customers will have access to all conventional bank offerings as well, which include pan-India branch and ATM network, ‘platinum’ debit card, all-India toll-free number, net card and net banking access, etc. The trasactions and information will be safe too, and even in case of hacking only the reward points can be seen by somebody.
So despite being a die-hard skeptic, I have decided to give a fair chance and trial to Kotak Jifi account, if for nothing else then for these awesome features:
  • Log in through Facebook and get all your friends added too
  • Accessible any time any where
  • Plenty of loyalty rewards all simply tracked through social channels
  • Automated ActivMoney: The ActivMoney facility helps you convert idle funds above Rs.25,000 in your Jifi account by moving it to a term deposit(TD)
  • Exlusive services at select cities
  • Nominal charges
  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Referring a friend makes you win reward points
  • Get paid in points when you like on comment on Facebook!
 According to me, there are below features that today's youth look for in a bank account:
  • Speed
  • Accessibility
  • Social media integration
  • Reliablility and safety
  • Constant innovation
  • Better services
  • Unique and higher rewards

The new Kotak Jifi account meets all these requirements with a loud YES. You can not only open it in a jiffy, but also run it seamlessly acrosssocial platforms in a jiffy. In fact if you use the services of many other socially powered apps like Makemytrip, you will soon realie that Jifi will help you enhance your experience and rewards there too! Why don't you try it too and share your experience with me - let's share notes in this new world of socially powered banking! :)
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Pankaj said…
Concisely but well put. Also, thanks for putting the important points in a list. All the best for the contest and happy blogging!

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