TRESemmé Split Remedy makes pillow fights fun

So, most of you who are regulars on my blog must be remembering my cute and exuberant friend Risha, or as I love to call her – Rish. My friend, my confidante, my partner in crime since school days, Rish is my best friend. As luck would have it, we happen to be in the same city now after many years of long distance drama queen-ness from both our sides (mainly hers ;) ).

The other day I received yet another panic call from Rish. I was not surprised because knowing her, I would have been surprised if she sounded calm. So this is how the conversation went:


Rish (shrill shriek): Nutcaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Me: Rish! Wassup!
Rish: Can you at least like try and show some concern, after listening to my cry?
Me: I would have shown a lot of concern if you didn’t open this dialogue with some nautanki.
Rish: I could really strangle you….
Me and Rish (together): …..But that would spoil my nail paint.
Me: Always predictable. This line hasn’t changed since….
Rish: ….class IV-B. Now who’s hyper original?
Me: Whatever.
Rish: You know, given the way you have totally steered the discussion off track, I may have to shriek again.
Me: Please don’t. Come home. I’ll make you masala chai and you can tell me your sob story with voice modulation and all gestures you learn in your theater elective.
Rish: I’ll let that snide one pass.
Me: Awwww, really? You must be really upset!
Rish: I am.
Me: Rish. Get to my place right now.
Rish: Okay.


Me (Handing over tea): What happened to Rishu?
Me: Rish?
Rish (sipping): Hmmmm…
Me (panicking now): Rishu, what are you thinking?
Rish: That this tea is exactly what made your husband fall head over heels for you.
Me (not registering): Huh?
Rish (taking another sip): Yes, has to be.
Me (in a higher decibel): Are you crazy? You loonie! I’m scared out of my mind for you and you are sitting there, silently diagnosing my love story?
Rish: You know if we stage your love story, we could add
Me: Will you cut it out!
Rish (smiling): Awww! Nutcase is scared for me?
Me: Yes, because I have looked in your bag and didn’t find the vanilla cakes to go with the tea.
Rish (stunned and confused): Wha-? You-? Bag-? (then suddenly shriller) That’s all you were worried about?
Me (laughing): No no no no! Nononononono! I was kidding. Tell, what happened?
Rish: No point, you cannot take me seriously. Like, ever.
Me: I will. Tell me.
Rish: My hair is splitting. (waits for my reaction and I am deliberately quiet to let her talk her heart out) Like crazy. I'm so frustrated that I could cry. (getting angrier by the second) I'm so irritated that I could kill somebody. I'm so…
Me: Okay, okay, okay! Easy tiger, I hear you!
Rish (very serious): It’s so bad that each strand has almost becomes two, three or innumberable.
Me (Wondering aloud): Isn’t it good? It will give volume to your hair?
Rish (patiently): I used to think like that in my dumb days. (I let that pass) But actually this is each strand dividing itself, which means each successive strand is significantly thinner, more brittle and weak.
Me (beginning to see the gravity of the situation): Gosh!.
Rish (relaxing a little bit): Yes. And I can’t blow-dry them now because it tends to increase the split ends. I can’t style them freely at parlors. Sometimes I just need to style them for parties or outings because I need to look well groomed. But I am petrified of the possible results. In fact sometimes I even feel that brushing aggravates the problem too!
Me (making a sad face): Wow, that must be crazy!
Rish (sad): It’s so bad that I am contemplating cutting off the ends to get rid of the split tips, but that would drastically reduce the length of my hair and I don’t want to lose my long tresses! (sadder) It’s so bad that the kids in my apartment have made songs on my hair. One of the songs says:

Fizzy hair, frizzy hair,
Such funny crazy hair.
So rough, it can poke you!
So weird, it makes me dizzy hair.

Me: Actually, those are creative lyrics. (she gives me a maddening glare that shuts me up) I mean there is an up side to it.
Rish (Annoyed): And what is that?
Me: You don’t have kids yourself otherwise imagine the number of songs made on you at home.
Rish (shocked): What the hell?  Are you serious?
Me (scared as little puppy): No. (gulp) I feel really sorry for you. You had such lovely hair and now…
Rish (anger turning to tears soon): Right? I told you! My hair is ruined forever! It will never be the same again!
Me (pacifying): It will be, Rishu. I am telling you! Don’t you worry, at all!
Rish (almost in tears): How do you know?
Me (hopeful): Because co-incidentally I learnt about a great solution just today!
Rish (perking up): Really? You did? Where?
Me: My hair stylist at the parlor was telling this girl, who seemed to be as distraught as you are.
Rish: And why should I believe this hair stylist?
Me: Because she knows her stuff. She has many years of experience in the hair-care field. She backed up her suggestions with valid facts and data. And more important that anything else, she said that two of her customers had tried it and the results were totally satisfactory. One of those two customers happened to be present there so she even shared how this solution worked for her well.
Rish (encouraged): Okay. So what did she say? What is the solution?
Me: It is called “Split Remedy”, and it is a shampoo and conditioner combo from TRESemmé. (wait for her response and go on after I see her looking optimistic) It promises to rescue up to 96% of the split ends.
Rish (thoughtful): Hmmmm….
Me: Their claims are based on lab tests, they assure these results with continued use of TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. I suggest you give it a shot, before you decide something as drastic as chopping them off.
Rish: Hmmm, makes sense.
Me: Atta girl! I'm glad you’re taking this suggestion so positively.
Rish: Well, I do have some reservations, but I am just thinking that I should try it out if 96% of my split ends may get rescued. (thoughtful again) Is there a website of video we can look at to get more information?
Me: I’m sure there is, let me look up (pull my laptop closer and start searching) Okay, here is the website. Hey, see they have a YouTube channel too! Let’s look at their Split Remedy video with Diana Penty.

Rish: Wow, see this! Cosmopoliton magazine has recommended TRESemmé. I think this should work for me. I feel that they have really designed it for the Indian women and their unique hair.
Me: Yeah, and see these videos by Marcus Francis. (pointing to a video) I know that Marcus Francis is a name to reckon with, in the hair care arena. He has styled many celebrities and regularly shares his hair care tips on various forums. He is educated in cosmetology and worked all over the world. Let’s play one of the videos.

Rish (is cheering up now): Very interesting. (looks over their Facebook page too)
Me (happy at her being happy): Yes, and their Twitter handle too, just to cover them all?
Rish (smiling ear to ear): No need, nutcase, we are not doing an analysis of their communication channels. Now let’s go buy the TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. Like immediately.
Me (jumping up): Yes! Let’s go!
Rish (returning to her usual self): Are you going to be wearing that? (points to my cotton pajamas and crumpled T-shirt) You do know that I have a reputation to keep?
Me: How rude! I am trying to help you here.
Rish: Do it now by looking a little more presentable.
Me (throwing a pillow on her): You clumsy clown! You’re telling me- (get hit by a pillow from her in return) YOU!
Rish (laughing): Yes, what were you saying?
Me (jumping on her): I’ll tell you what I was saying!

We get into a pillow fight, then a chips fight and finally a clothes fight. After throwing everything at each other till my house is a mess, we sit down tired but laughing like two crazy girls that we are!


Rish: So, nutcase, how are you managing to look presentable today?
Me: Because I ignored all your fashion advice. (she laughs) And how are you managing to look so radiant today?
Rish: Because my hair is getting better by the day. It feels stronger and the split ends have reduced drastically!
Me (smiling): I can see that. Your hair is shining and beautiful.
Rish: My split end remedy has left each strand looking salon fresh! They are soft, smooth and easy to style. And TRESemmé is a girl's best friend! They share all these new styles and looks on Facebook and YouTube --- I love it! It's truly salon styling at home! <3>
Me: Are you over-using your blow-dryer again?
Rish: Nah, I am being careful about everything else. No over-use of chemicals and proper intake of diet too, which includes fruits, vegetables and liquids!
Me: That’s my girl! (winking) …who will be giving me her share of this blueberry cheesecake too now (I point to the sinful delicacy in front of her).
Rish: Anything you say (with that, she picks up the cheesecake and rubs it on my face. Right there. In the middle of that public coffee shop. And thus begins our usual banter, fight and whatever makes us, us! Just the stuff Happy Endings are made of! Thanks TRESemmé! :) )


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