Imagination on the move!

Looking back, there are a lot of days in my life that probably changed its direction.

Starting a blog was one of them.
That initial excitement, the almost-feeling of giving birth to a baby, the anxiety of choosing the right template / color / design / font, biting fingernails into a pulp till somebody started commenting, monitoring reader stats more religiously than die hard fans monitor cricket scores and growing up everyday with he blog as it changed my life – the journey has been nothing but exhilarating, smashing, exciting all the way.

I love blogging. I take pleasure in the process. The imagination behind creating a new post, the deliberation involved in looking for the right words or images, the final creation of the post, the publishing with many re-takes, the promotion on various platforms, the networking on forums and the interactions with readers, and everything else that comes along. Everything gives me thrill and satisfaction. I have made some wonderful friends in the process and learnt a huge deal.

And it is not just because of what blogging has done for me, but also what it continues to do and what it promises me continuously that keeps me hooked on to it. Now, it has become an intrinsic part of my life, as basic as brushing my teeth every morning. With work responsibilities and other commitments spiraling every day, I may not be publishing a post every day or every week, but I do journal my thoughts almost every day that surely find their way into my next blog post.

And while I may be most relaxed while blogging from the comfort of my home on weekends, it doesn’t mean that mobility needs to restrict my thoughts or creativity. In fact living in a city where traffic and commotion are a way of life, I have become accustomed to blogging on the move! I feel it uses my time which otherwise would have gone waste staring at the traffic light, waiting for it to turn green or waiting for the client to turn up for the meeting as I sit intimidated in a huge conference room. I feel that it allows me to write down and record all the thoughts that keep popping into my head as I am going through life’s motions, without worrying that I will lose them by the time I have the next access to a computer or a paper. And I also feel that it adds a new dimension to my blogging by breaking the monotony of writing from the same room and the same desk each time – with a new setting / location / noise / ambience inspiring each of my new blog posts, there is a certain new flavor or character that gets added to my posts and to my blog – a certain rhythm gets added to my happy feet and I love it!

So whether I am home before leaving for office – getting ready, having me early morning chai, watching morning news or having my rushed breakfast, or driving up to work through the meandering traffic, at work in between meetings or projects, at lunch with my often silly but also some wonderful colleagues, planning an evening with friends or enjoying a weekends away from the city – whatever I am doing, wherever I am, on the move or at home, I always am on the look-out for stuff to write about. Since my job is normally very sedentary, imagination sparks can be few and far in between. The times of mobility in between help my writing tremendously! In fact, I also use these little snatches of time to answer comments on my blog as well as read other blogs that I enjoy.

Now, as you can guess, I need technology to support my passion for mobile blogging. Thank God for some brilliant tablets and tablet PCs that have been introduced in the market recently – I am never short of the right technology. The latest gadget in the market that promises to promote and fuel my writing and blogging further is the ASUS Transformer Book T100. Recently I read a lot about it and am quite blown away by its features:
  • 2-In-1 Ultraportable Laptop with detachable 10-Inch Tablet
  • T100 gives you the chance to create your own mobile laptop dynamic, so you never have to compromise again.
  • With the Intel Atom quad Core processor in action and Windows 8.1 you have the best of work and play.
  • An astounding 11 hours of continuous web browsing keeps you connected longer and always in action.
  • The keyboard dock perfectly designed 19 mm travel distance provides a comfortable typing experience unlike any other.
  • The USB3.0 SuperSpeed Port transfers files with lightning fast speed.
  • ASUS engineers have created the most luxurious yet durable design ever. The beautiful surface concentric glossy features glossy circles that please the eye and invites the touch. The soft but durable rubber welcomes your grip and guarantees you will never want to put the ASUS Transformer Book T100 down.
Here are its specifications:

I am sure that with such an ultra powerful machine and so many unbeatable features, my blogging will reach a whole new level! And to celebrate my joy, I have written a small poem dedicated to blogging and to the ASUS Transformer Book T100!

Wings for my mind,

New stories, new twists.

I am a new person when I blog,

My grin multiples with each hit.

It has TRANSFORMED my world,

I know people from every country,

Things I never imaged have happened,

It’s been unpredictable but thrilling!

Even when I am on the move,

I am addicted to technology,

I cannot do without my T100

That lets me blog effortlessly.

I cannot imagine a being out of touch,

I cannot imagine life without blogging,

What will I ever do if I can’t blog?

It will be like a no-dream sleeping!

With the ultra portability,

I can be creative on the move.

Finally with a machine so action-packed,

My blogging will find its grove

(This post is written for this contest. All the amazing facts and features detailed here about ASUS Transformer Book T100 are genuine and from this website - check them out for yourself! Images are from 


Mirage said…
Good for you! Keep it coming!
And we love reading your posts! :)
Canary said…
Jeez, thanks Mirage! :)
Awesome to see you back here again!

@Anupama: aww, you totally made my day!!! Hopping over to your blog now :)

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