Happy Diwali folks!

Just came back from a Diwali celebration and am still reeling with the insane amount of smoke and noise! It was so delightful how everyone seemed to be talking of Eco-friendly Diwali for so many years, how the smoke / pollution / noise levels in Delhi and other places were constantly going down and how generally people were becoming more aware about everything. Young kids in my family are talking about how their schools are encouraging them to stop buying crackers as they are very harmful for the environment and instead use the money to buy sweets and gifts for the poor. And I am very glad that such messages are being taught in the formative years.

Strangely, I didn't feel so with what I have been seeing in these last few days in the run up to Diwali this year!There was so much smoke that I could not see ahead of me, the noise made my head pulse and the pollution made me feel suffocated. And I can not even imagine what small children and pets were going through!!

Anyway, I am optimistic that everything will get better in the long run. (And tomorrow my lungs won't struggle to breathe!!)


Ritesh Agarwal said…
Haha amen to that
preethi said…
Diwali is certainly not what it used to be...if only people would use their money for something more useful on diwali than crackers..belated diwali wishes :)
Canary said…
Thanks for visiting Ritesh and Preethi! Sorry Preethi, I could not finish your tag - was traveling for 3 weeks in October!! :(
But wish you both a wonderful belated diwali!

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