The vintage magic

I have been planning a farewell bash for one of my friends who is moving abroad. Now this a chick who loves her music, dance and colors. So as I sat down to plan a party for her, I thought what better theme than Bollywood! And since I always like to do things a little differently, I thought of retro Bollywood instead of today’s loud and garish trends. Here is what everything including the ambience, entertainment, location and food will look like:

Location: My beloved living room that has enough capacity to swallow a crowd.

Ambience / Decorations: My husband has these cool vintage records that will add well to the ambience. I will make strings of them and hang them around, now that there is no player to actually play them. Last Sunday I went to the nearby party store and picked up some 70s looking disco balls that will pump up the décor. These will help me create a disco dance floor space complimented by some colored lights which I will make by pasting translucent paper to my regular lights and bulbs. The retro décor will make my chief guest and all the other guests feel like they have stepped back in time. As a cherry on the icing, I plan to organize a best costume contest as it will help me make everyone dress in the 60s and 70s style!

Food: If I want it to looks realistically retro, I will have to tie the theme into the menu. I googled a bit and realized that the 70s were simpler times, so serving nostalgic, simple dishes will work great for this theme. Firstly, there will be some classic vintage cocktails and what is vintage more than a martini! For finger good, there will be lots of cheese puffs, chips, samosas and chicken wings to take care of both the vegetarians and the non vegetarians. For the main course, again I will fall back on Kitchens of India again just because they are so reliable and will take off a load off my back. Also, after drinks and appetizers, most of my friends hardly eat anything. Since the chief guest is a proud Tam will a lineage of awesome Chettinad food, I will get atleast 10 packets of Chicken Chettinad and 5 packets of Paneer Darbari. With some ghee rice prepared easily at home, I will be all set for a lip-smacking feast!

Entertainment a.k.a. Music: Well, isn’t this the easiest? Retro music was magical and I just have to pick any 50 songs off the internet or my own playlists and play them on loop. All the favorite artists of my spunky girl are going in there: Steely Dan, The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Bee Gee’s, Marvin Gaye, Barry White and K.C. and Abba.

Thanks to awesome Google tips, Indiblogger and Kitchens of India, I am ready to have a groovy time at my retro farewell party!


WOW!! Sounds like quite a party!! :)
Indrani said…
Your friend will like it for sure. :)
Canary said…
Thanks Soumabha and Indrani! your words made my day, infact week :)

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