Bell bajao! Because you can make a difference.

Enough has been said about violence everywhere. And violence of any kind. Whether be against women in the Delhi incident, in Kashmir through militant action, in Turkey through police brutalities or in Karnataka through political manipulations. I have been thinking a lot about it, especially each time I read a harrowing story in the newspaper or watch a bloody saga on the TV. Each time I find my eyes swollen with tears or my heart in pain, I ask myself if I am taking the easy route out by just sitting in my living room and venting my emotions.

Should I step out there and do what it needs to stop this violence? Should I take part in the actions against the violence and then earn myself the right to even cry over it? Yes, I should, ideally. But will I be much good at it? Am I somebody who will be good at mobilizing people on the streets, visiting slums and educating women on their rights, talking to school children and telling them the difference between right touch / wrong touch or marching against police / political exploitation rampant everywhere?

Honestly, no. Probably the best I can do is express myself through words. I can voice out what I have been observing in the world through them medium of blogs, social networking, mails and discussions. And then hope that whoever needs to read it, will read it. And some of those who read it, will get affected. And some of the affected ones will be prompted to take an action. And each of them will chose what is that best way in which they can make a difference, in which they can stop this mindless violence that is killing our human spirit slowly, every day. So this is the way I will ring a bell. I promise to write and voice every time I notice something that should not happen, that is a stigma on humanity and goodness, that needs to be told, sung or cried out. And you?

Please do check out Bell Bajao's webpage as there is a lot more you and I do to salvage goodness and humanity and make this world a giant loving familyP


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