Shave or Crave ;)

This entire “Shave or crave movement” is such an interesting topic that it has got me thinking and conducting wild experiments in my house (much to hubby’s discomfort!). One of the experiments has had remarkable results and left me grinning ear-to-ear, and hence I wanted to share it here for the benefit of my mahila mandali on Blogosphere.

So one breezy Bangalore evening, I hung pictures of all actors I like (with my husband being well aware of my fondness) all around the house. This was ofcourse with all of them in their clean shaven avatar. When the mister returned in the evening, his eyes were wide open for a second before he cleverly concealed his feelings. After the initial leg pulling (typical of him to cover his astonishment / awkwardness :P ), he finally asked me what the entire fuss was about. He knows that I mostly prefer Hrithik Roshan and Brad Pitt (my top two) with their stubbles in movies and seeing them in ‘chikna’ avatars was a surprise for him. Casually (pretending to be busy setting the dinner table), I said, “I think I am more keen on them neat and clean shaven now…”; and let is pass. The next morning while I was hurrying for office, I saw my dear husband mowing out every faint trace of his stubble from his face! Well honestly, I did expect a reaction, but never NEVER such a drastic one! I ran out of the house without breakfast because I feared I will let out a hysterical victorious laughter in front of him! ;)

Lol, needless to say, I had a fantastic day in office! In hindsight, that was a great way to not only make him shave, but also to tell myself that he is still very much keen to please and impress me! The wild experiments will continue and with more gusto! *blushing and happy* *wink* :D

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Nirvana said…
You are a clever dudette indeed !! :-D .... all the best.

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