A love ballad

Look darling, what a sight!
The moon caressing the night,
Stars bejeweled in all finery,
Gracing a ceremony so bright.

Witnessing a ceremony so beautiful,
A marriage with love so full;
Will be an event never to miss,
Life changing experience, wonderful!

Come, let’s join the celestial guests,
Be part of this holy fest!
Our own love blooming each day,
Let’s share wishes pure and best.

Also I want to show you off,
My prince charming so fair.
Making all damsels gaze in awe,
Resenting our most gorgeous pair.

Ah, here you walk towards me
My knight in shining sherwani
I am impatient to behold you
Diversion can seize me not any.

What! Is that an evening shadow
On your cheek, my Greek God!

Is that stubble that hides your charm?
Covering your beauty like rough sod!

My heart is broken into pieces!

I do not wish to join any revelry!
What held my pride, envy of other dames
Is nowhere, veiled, leaving me in misery…

If you wish to rescue me from this pit
And adorn my face with a dazzling smile
Go shave off this monstrosity, my hero
If you want with me a loving while..

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