An excuse

“Can you at least try and sit straight, Raghu?” She resorted to fake anger now, adjusting her spectacles.

“I am. I am trying my best, sweetheart.” He gulped the morsel as his lips quivered.

“Well, in that case your best is not good enough.” She slowly mixed the Dal and rice since he liked the flavors better when they blended afresh each time.

“You have been saying the same line for Fifty years now.” He giggled teasingly.

“Because my husband has been troubling me, making me feed him since the day of my wedding. Earlier out of naughtiness, now because he is getting on.” She hid the coy smile with mock irritation.

“Any excuse is fine, to get close to my love bird.” He winked.


austere said…
A happy Christmas and new year wished to you too!
Voice said…
Lucky Raghu
Leigh Russell said…
There is a whole lifetime behind those few words.
It's good to hear from you again. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope you read CUT SHORT - it's available online in India. Please email me if you'd like a scanned inscription. I've been sent photos of my book from readers all round the world (see my blog) but none from India yet!
Good wishes for 2010
Hattie said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me a Happy Christmas!
I loved your little tale. I have been married now for almost 45 years and could relate!
Glad you're posting again!
Canary said…
Thanks so much for the wishes!


I should go out and look for it in the book store near my house! :)

A happy Christmas and new year!
Nice to have a catch up with you. A belated Merry Christmas. My best wishes to you all.
Canary said…
Thanks Petty! Best wishes to you too.
austere said…
This is very nice.Really.
Canary said…
Gee, thanks :)

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