Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao

The world is moving toward dangerous territories. People are talking about making basic human rights like water turn into a completely consumer product that one never gets for free. This might already be the case in some European countries but at least in countries like India, we do get water in taps and free plain water restaurants still. Imagine if this were to change?

Scary right? Well, guess what. Water is already very scarce. Water bodies are shrinking along with the changing planet. Recently I was in Europe and I noticed that people seem to know about the upcoming water crisis but they are secured by their economic status so they do not feel the need to do anything yet. When I was in the U.S. after that on work, I realized that most people did not even know about the upcoming global crisis around the shortage of water. So I felt quite proud in the illusion that people in India 'know' about it as well as are 'doing' things about it.

How wrong was I? Very.

I came back and went to work the next day. It was a corporate meeting where managers from many teams all over the country came together for three days of conferences. There were back to back sessions with various speakers. As was expected, bottles of water wee purchased in hoards and placed on tables. Each meeting would see twenty people in each room. So there would be twenty bottles. Each person would open the bottle but not take more than two sips being busy in the meeting. At the end of each meeting the housekeeping staff would come and take away all the used bottles and replace them with fresh ones.

It is my estimate that at the end of three day conference, between all rooms and all meetings, nearly one thousand bottles of water were thrown away.

Yes, I will let you absorb that sad piece of data for some time.

And now let me tell you that this is nothing new or out of ordinary. This happens in companies every day, in public and private events, in award ceremonies, marriages, parties, conferences, interviews, talks, presentation, client briefs and the list is really endless. In my career spanning fifteen years across the country and the world, I have seen this so often that I had begun taking it for granted...... But only until now. Yes, I just saw this video by Livpure that asked me the simple question - if something bad has been happening so far, does it mean it needs to continue forever? All bad habits had to be stopped and changes some time, so when it will be time to change the horrible habits of wasting water? They will change now if you and I take steps towards it. It can be done. We can save water. Let us start. Please. Let us ask for cutting water (less / half glass of water) when we are not very thirsty or when we know we will end up wasting most of it later.

A half glass empty for you can be a half glass full for so many others. Jab cutting ki ho pyaas, go for aadha glass! Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao.

I found these videos very effective and will share the with my colleagues....


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Renu said…
yes cutting paani is the need of the day..we all should follow.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful post!
James lim said…
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