The adventures of Golu

Golu still could not believe that his parents had agreed to his demands for a special birthday gift. How could his request have such an impact?! He was so powerful in this household?! He knew not. When he asked for a pet, he knew that mummy would never agree. She was allergic to cats, dogs, birds and anything that moved other than her own mother. If possible she may have even kicked Golu and his father out of the house but she couldn’t because she knew her husband paid all the bills, rent and for her shopping.

He looked at the cute puppy looking at him in the basket. He wondered how his parents had agreed. It could be because their new fancy neighbors had a pet and mummy wanted to be stylish like them. She had been trying to buy the same saris, sandals and accessories like the neighbor aunty. Papa even looked a little worried at the bills but mummy gave him one stern look and he quietly sat in one corner. 

The puppy seemed sober. Golu wondered if he was hungry or sleepy. There was no way to tell what he wanted because he could not speak. He had spent the whole day asking for pet related advice in school and now he knew a lot but still he felt nervous. Papa was at office and mummy had gone out shopping. The maid servant was busy watching TV as always. She kept watching music shows the whole day and singing along. If the song was peppy enough she would even dance along. Golu thought she was a little mad but mummy liked her so she stayed and did whatever she wanted. On some days she would start singing loudly along with the songs that were playing on the music channels. When she saw Golu looking at her strangely she told him that music as her passion and she wanted to be a playback singer for the film industry. When Golu asked her then why she worked at their house, she said she was saving money to go to Bombay because she needed lots of money for the struggle period. 

The puppy was making little sounds. He wondered what he should do. He decided to open the parcel of food that he had bought on the way home from Malcolm’t pet food store. And he sat down again near the parcel. He opened the first packet and out came the food. He could not understand the names written on the packets. This is what they eat, Malcolm had said. There were many varieties of foods. Golu turned the packets upside down several times before finally keeping them down. 

He opened one of the packets and smelt the food. There was no fragrance. The puppy seemed a little interested though. So Golu took the puppy out of the basket, put it on the floor and spilt some of those little pet biscuits in front of him. Within five minutes he had eaten them all. It was so cute that Golu started clapping his hands in excitement. This was going to be fun. Of course because it had started with Golu's impact!

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