Birthday party

Her brother called when she was standing on the road waiting for an auto rickshaw. It must be about her nephew’s first birthday party. Her mother had already mentioned that they all wanted her to fly over for the ceremony and then spend time with all of them for a week at least. She had explained how those many leaved will not work, with too many professional commitments to be respected. Her mother had whined and complained and the conversation had been deferred. She knew her brother would be more difficult to convince. She took the call.

“Babli, which day did you decide on finally? I have to book your tickets in time. The function is almost here. We might not get tickets if we make it too late.” He immediately started. “You know what the theme is for the birthday?” He sounded very excited. “It is called Fantastico! Yes, exactly. Everything in the room will be Fantastico, the cake, the costumes, return gifts, décor, food and music. Neev is so excited and my deal wife has been busy planning for over a month now!”

“Bhaya, I am yet to talk to the managers at both places. I don’t know what dates I will be able to spend there.” She tried to sound very logical. An auto rickshaw slowed beside her and she explained the location. He took off without an answer. She signaled to another one. Her brother started again in the meanwhile.

“Babli this is not done. You know its Neev’s first birthday and everybody wants you to be there. Dad will be very upset if he hears about how you have been dilly dallying on the dates for almost a month now.”

“I spoke with mom and Bhabhi, and told them the situation. You and dad are always the non-understanding ones.” She felt guilty but also upset about the pressure.

“I want the dates by tomorrow morning else I will go ahead and book it for a day before the birthday. You can stay for two days with us and then in Chandigarh for some days.” Dhruv sounded angry and Jiya thought best to end the conversation.

“Okay, I will try. I am not sure if this works though. Maybe, I’ll let you know by tomorrow evening.” He tried to protest again but she cut him short. “If I keep standing on the road and talking to you, it will be morning soon. I need to take a vehicle and get home now. I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.” He replied feebly and she hung up. He was elder to her by two years and she was a tad scared of him when they were children but things had changed after they grew up and apart.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.
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