A marriage made in outer space

Two of my best friends are getting married to each other, and that too, in a slightly cheesy turn of events, on the Valentine ’s Day. Now, those of you who have read some of my earlier posts, especially this prize-winning one, know my crazy but cute friend Risha. Now in a bizarre turn of events, Risha’s parents loved Rhymes and so they decided to name their second daughter, well guess what? Nisha.

Now needless to say, Nisha is every bit as crazy as her elder sister and every bit as dear to me too. She has decided to marry her college sweetheart after having an extended courtship of seven years. A die-hard romantic, who dreams of wearing chiffon saris atop the Alps during her honeymoon, Nisha has convinced her fiancé to set the d date for February 14 and things are all in place now. Other than the theme.

Well, the problem there is that Nisha is a Bollywood freak (like you must have guessed above) and Rohan (her fiancé) couldn’t be more opposite. He is a business graduate from Florida, enjoying working on his dad’s business, biking to the outskirts or watching sci-fi movies on the weekends and listening to some rock music when time permits. Now with a ‘jodi’ as not ‘rab ne bana di’ as this, how does one zero in on a theme that both the bride and the groom will like? 

A puzzle tougher than the Bermuda Triangle.

Actually not any more. Thankfully Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens came in just at the right time and salvaged the situation. I am sure that this magum opus from a galaxy far far away does not need any introduction, and so I can move straight to the point. Once this epic space saga released, there were some wonderful products that came in its wake, most of them equally epic in their own right! One of them is the HP Star WarsSpecial Edition Notebook, fully armed and operational, with its Galactic Empire-inspired design! Just when Risha and I were beginning to give up on the wedding planning, this trump card of a notebook lured us to the dark side – and lo and behold, we have the entire wedding planned and ready to serve!

What’s more, we are able to cater to Nisha’s move mania. Rohan’s sci-fi addictions, parents’ glamour demands – all while bringing out our hidden fun sides! Thanks a bunch, HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook! I looked at you and you said to me, "I am here to #AwakenYourForce."

I am sure you are super curious about this Star Wars inspired wedding, and want to know all the details, and in Band Baja Barat’s corny style, even I am kicked to share them, but before that please allow me to indulge the poet in me? So here’s an ode to the super cute to-be bride and groom.

You both are made for each other,
Your coming together was in the stars,
 Because “in my experience
there is no such thing as luck.”

When I saw you at the engagement,
Your eyes bright and faces shining,
I knew this was something good,
Coz “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

I love you both and wish you the best,
May this day be dazzling like the stars,
Risha and I will do our very best,
 You’ll find we're full of surprises! ;)

But Rish and I know that we will need a strong companion for the wedding planning, and I cannot rely on anything other than the HP Star Wars™ Special EditionNotebook for this responsibility. With a Galactic Empire-inspired design, commanding 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor,1 and extensive collection of rare Star Wars™ content, we were not able to resist the power of the dark side. I have to admit that this special edition notebook has been a huge help in bringing out my creativity and spurring many ideas in this entire exercise. Wondering how?

Well, firstly the awesome collection of Star Wars™ themed wallpaper collections including black and white stills, ships, Tatooine, and more, inspired my design of a simple but amazing wedding invitation… what do you think?

It also helped our design of the customized inter-galactic menu. I love how it’s turning out! We are adding a special "Calorie count" (CC) against each item, knowing how obsessive Nisha is! Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. ;)

Indian weddings, or for that matter any weddings across the world, are incomplete without music. The notebook has audio by B&O PLAY. It almost compels you to surrender all of your senses. Here is the playlist for the various wedding functions:

  • For the sangeet and mehendi ceremony, we will have BinarySunset to remind everybody of that beautiful moment when Luke looks into the sunset. The wedding is going to be as beautiful and nostalgic, and this song will set in motion the events…
  • When the bride and groom will walk to the stage: of course, TheImperial March! Classic Star Wars™ and simply iconic! (and will surely add a bit of spice to the proceedings!)
  • The emotional ceremonial rituals and celebrations will be best marked by the soundtrack of Padme's Ruminations from Revenge of the Sith. It is such a powerful and poignant piece, fit for the mood of slight sorrow and yet joy in the horizon.
  • The couple’s departure for a happy life ever after: Acrossthe Stars; a fantastic, haunting, and passionate piece; marking love, longing and deepest feelings of romantic love.

And while the force is strong, here are some other things:

  • All guests need to wear at least one Star Wars inspired items for both the sangeet and the wedding.
  • For the morning where there is no function, only a little get together with all the cousins and friends, Nisha will be dressed like Rey in the sand people’s dress and Rohan like Finn, in the white suit.
  • There will be BB-8’s stationed everywhere in the wedding, with little trays of dry fruits and nuts for the guests. (I just find BB-8 too cute and he may figure it many other places during the ceremonies, as the ideas evolve further.)
  • The mantapa will be called Jakku and the couple’s departure car will be called… what else? The millennium falcon.
  • The groom will walk to the stage with a light saber. (Hahaha, sorry Rohan, but you’re a Jedi, remember? And come on, we can’t have the bride do the same in her gorgeous lehenga!)

So that’s where we are so far in the wedding planning. As the day gets closer these details will be frozen and finalized. What seemed like such a daunting task seems to have become so creatively interesting and I cannot thank HP Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook enough for bringing out my fun side!

As for the madly-in-love couple, well what can I say? Kids, I love you and think you’re both First Order! May the Force always be with you :)


Rahul said…
Wow!!!!! :) Would really be nice to have a sis like you planning one's wedding. Best of luck.
Canary said…
hahahha.. thanks Rahul! that's such a sweet comment! thanks for your wished! Had so much fun writing this post, since it's such a fab product :)

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