Neel and his priorities

So, today again I saw Neel and he looked impeccably dressed. I asked him what the special occasion was. Was it yet another critical task to be accomplished through his well-groomed and professional appearance? Was it another person to be impressed through his perfect presentation of himself that showed how much he cared about the occasion and about the other person’s view? Or was it just a good day when he felt like stepping out in his best possible avatar? Neel just smiled and I knew something is up.

He started walking and I decided to quietly follow him. Anyway sometimes my life is so boring that doing these silly things can be the only sources of entertainment and excitement. He seemed least bothered even if he knew I was behind him. He just held on to his backpack and kept walking. I was very curious as a cat. Neel turned the corner and walked towards the homeless shelter in our locality. My curiosity was increasing by the second. I wanted to scream and declare to the world that I was on the verge of solving a big mystery.

The suave Mr. Neel was actually a vagrant living in this shelter. He had a criminal background that he hid in this building and behind his professional mask. All his acts of gentlemanliness were just a fa├žade for dumb people like us who didn’t know any better than to trust his acts. I kept walking and my pace became quick and more antsy.

Finally he entered the building and I decided to hide behind the wooden door. There were many people seated in various corners, some on plastic chairs and others on the floor. The moment they saw Neel, their faces lit up. 

“Neel bhaya is here!” they almost screamed in unison.
“Come, come! He is here!” voices came from all sides.

Neel took out some clothes and shoes from his backpack and help them out. I thought people will pounce on him and snatch it all. But no. They all stood in the neatest of queues I have ever seen. Neater than what most educated people are capable of forming. So disciplined that I felt slightly ashamed at the behavior of some of my most respected fiends.

Seeing Neel hand out those things to the homeless people in the most calm and unassuming manner, speaking little kind words to each of them each time, made me understand how his perfectly well-groomed and neat looks had that calming effect on them too. He didn't dress down or casually thinking he is just meeting some homeless people, but he realized the power of hos one appears. His looks and appearance combined with his kindness calmed them and made them deeply happy, perhaps happier than even the things he handed out to them so serenely.

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